Review| Starting the school year right with Pure N' Fresh Feminine Wash and Cologne

Feminine Hygiene is a must. Nothing is better than taking care of your private area and protecting yourself. I have used a few feminine washes myself and have developed somewhat a preference of what I look for in a feminine wash.

One, it must be PH friendly. Harsh chemicals are not an option. 

Two, scent. I need to know that I smell fresh all the time. 

Three, Clean. Does the wash make me feel fresh and clean? 

Now if you put all of together and plus that the product is OB-Gynecologist recommended then you know you have a great deal. 

I had the opportunity to review Unilab's Pure N' Fresh which is a feminine wash especially made for teens. The wash also came along with Pure N' Fresh Cologne. I was happy to try this out since I had a daughter, I know that I would want to teach her the benefits of using a feminine wash and this was the perfect choice. 

If you have a tweenie or a teenager then Unilab's Pure N' Fresh Feminine wash and cologne will definitely start the school year right! 

So what do I think of this very girly and kikay way of taking care of yourself? Let's check out the Pure N'Fresh Feminine Wash, shall we? 

Ingredients (yes, I check and you should do! Just like Ronda Rousey, she doesn't just let anything touch her body and this is for the intimate area! 😊 ): this product is FDA approved so you can be assured it is safe. 

Scent: Fabulously Fruity, and so it is! I think this is a perfect scent for teens and it smells truly great. Although when you smell it from the bottle, I feel it as though a little strong but then when you pour it into your palm, it actually becomes less. 

Texture: I like that it is creamy and light. It easily washes off since it does not foam too much, which again for me is a good thing, less foam=less chemicals. 

Packaging: Thankfully the bottle is an easy squeeze one, since it is also a fliptop cap then it also makes it easier to use. I love the colours of the package since you can tell it was made for the younger market. 

Price: Checking online, the suggested retail price for a 50ml bottle is Php39.75 and for the 100ml Php70.00, I feel that is a pretty good price for the product. Definitely affordable! 

Overall: I would definitely let my daughter use this product. It is mild and gentle for her daily use and the scent is great for teens! The price is also very affordable and the mere fact it washes off easily also makes it a hit. 

Score: 8/10

Now let's talk about Unilab's Pure N' Fresh cologne. 

Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Water, Fragrance. No other harmful chemicals here. 

Scent: An enchanting fusion of peach and apricot. Perfectly fruity for my princess. I used this as soon as I received it and I loved the smell on her. :) 

Packaging: Sturdy plastic container with a flip top cap which is leak proof which can be put in your bag without worries. Travel buddy approved! I would like a spray bottle version though. 

Overall: Dermatologist Tested is a thumbs up! I also like that it has an expiration date to make sure that you are getting a new product and some stale stock product. Again, it's great for tweenies and teenagers. 

Score: 9/10

It has an expiration date! 

Remember, it is always better to get products that are specifically made for you. And I am sure that teenagers need a different level of care from our own, would you really let them use men's shampoo on their hair? 

If you have a budding teenager then this is a good staple personal hygiene product, oh did I mention that even mom's can use it too? 

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Disclaimer: This product review is based on samples that were provided to yours truly, this is not a paid article. The views and opinions contained here are based on my own personal experience. Images are owned by unless stated otherwise. 

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  1. I have a thirteen year old. Looks like this is worth a try. ��

    1. Hello there! Thanks for dropping by! I absolutely agree with you, it will also be a staple form of hygiene for my daughter too. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Katalin, you may purchase Pure N' Fresh from Mercury Drug Stores and leading supermarkets like SM and Robinson's.