Smile For Hutch| How to donate anonymously

The experience of giving small gifts to the pediatric patients of PGH has always been rewarding for me and at the same time very endearing to my heart. 

Let me share with you some photos of that experience. I was given specific instructions that we were not allowed to post the identity of the patients due to confidentiality. 

My first gift-giving was the most emotional for me, it was only months after Hutch had passed away and walking through the corridors of PGH and The Cancer institute made every memory fresh. I cried especially when I saw his previous ward mates. I remember on of Hutch's wardmates call me and cry when she saw me. My heart broke and I couldn't control myself yet I hugged her and smiled. I no longer have contact with her. 

Hutch's previous ward mate

This was one of Hutch's wardmates, taken within the Cancer Institute. One of the first pedia patients to experience our gift giving. I only had a budget consisting of donations and my own money or Php800, this was in October of 2005.

Another very friendly patient of The Cancer Institute. There was only 2 of us distributing the donations at the time. 


We gave gifts the second time around on January 22nd of 2006, this time more gifts and more help, I had been able to gather Php1,200++ in donations. Hutch's last wardmate, Mark even joined for support (orange t-shirt). 

January 27, 2007 was my 3rd and last year of gift giving.  I was able to gather around Php6,000 which enabled me to give to 2 pediatric wards (Ward 9 and 12). The 3rd was also the most volunteers I had who are all my close friends which made it an even more memorable experience. 

I want to be able to do the same this year and your help no matter how small can make a difference. Share and give a smile  to these children who are experiencing a lot while in the hospital. 

If you wish to donate but want to remain anonymous, you may do so by these accounts: 

Paypal account: 


Smart Money (Transaction charges may apply)
Account Name: Marie Charmaine San Luis
Account number: 5299675258850104
Deposits may be done at BDO or Smart Centers

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  1. You are such a compassionate person. God bless you...

    1. Thank you SJ, truly inspired bu my late son. :)

  2. Crying while reading your posts about your son. Sorry for your loss. Good luck on the event! I believe it's this August, right? Or will it be moved?

    1. Hello, I appreciate you taking the time to read. It will be moved to late September or most probably in October. 😊