Event| Blogapalooza 2014: Business to Blogger Networking Event is Back!

And it's Back! For those that are not part of the blogging industry would probably wonder what is all the excitement about and why the fuss.

Well it is the biggest event of the year for bloggers like myself, experienced or not. Since this is the event which connects you to brands. Not just any brand but those with big names and that have already made their mark in the business industry.

You also have new businesses that are wanting to get the word out and what better way than to go through social media. With the increase in influence with the blogging industry, it is a practical approach to allow your business to be heard and seen.

For bloggers, you get the chance to experience the brands first hand by enjoying their freebies, free taste test and also the chance to win wonderful prizes from brands.

Last year when I attended my first Blogapalooza, this blog was merely just a small spot and now it has grown with an average of 7000 views per month. So the benefits are truly met.

You can read about my experience here.

So if you are a business wanting to connect your brand with bloggers click here to sign up.

If you are a budding or experienced blogger, get your opportunity to be a part of this major business to blogger event by clicking here.  

Let me share with you some tips if it's your first time to join Blogapalooza:

• Bring calling cards. It will be more memorable and it surely make your mark with brands. You might never know but then it could spark a partnership for you.

• Sufficient battery life for your phone, camera and/or tablet. You will need it to take a lot of photos, sign up and download certain apps when you join their contests, there also should be free Wi-Fi at the event like last year.

• Reusable bags is a plus. Although most of the brands will be giving you an eco bag, I lost out on that and left a really nice calendar somewhere at the event. :(

•Be there early, if you go later in the afternoon, you'll miss out on all the good talks and also first dibs on booths. More time to interact! Oh an stay 'till the end if you can since I heard last year Vince was giving away some freebies.

•Wear a great smile, you may never know but your photo might turn up at Wheninmanila's website or page.

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