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Did you ever have a favorite drink? What about your favorite cartoon character? Now, what if it was put together - your favorite drink and your favorite cartoon character in one, I am so stalling... but of course you already know where I'm getting at right? :) 

Remember your trip to the supermarket with the kiddos and they basically ask you to buy whatever food or drink that has a cartoon character on it. Hahahahaha. Yeah those times. :)

Well, then prepare yourselves because Goody Gulp now has every one's favorite, happy go-lucky Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star on their chocolate and strawberry milk drink!  

My little princess holding the Goody Gulp
 Spongebob Squarepants chocolate milk drink in 180ml

You'll love the fact that it will make your picky kids drink milk since these drinks have been loaded with Calcium goodness - perfect for those little teeth and to make sure their bones are growing strong. Milk is from New Zealand and premium cocoa from Holland, no cheap ingredients here!

Goody Gulp is a natural source of calcium, vitamins and minerals and contains NO PRESERVATIVES. Just chill, shake and gulp! Prices are 180ml at SRP P19.95 and 230ml at SRP P23.95

My princess totally loved the chocolate flavored milk (but of course) and it was really hard to kinda hide them from her since she persisted on drinking a carton one after the other. So, it definitely is a thumbs up for the kids!

Strawberry and Chocolate flavors in 180ml and 230ml variants 
Now here's a treat for you my dear lads and lasses, you can win this limited Edition SpongeBob Speaker and packs of four Goody Gulp Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Drink 230 ml!

Win this!!
  • One (1) winner of a Limited Edition SpongeBob Speaker.
  • Two (2) winners of a Pack of four Goody Gulp Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Drink 230ml.

To Join:
a) Just read this post about Goody Gulp Milk Drink 180ml and 230 ml.

b) Click the survey link here.

c) Fill out the required fields on the survey form. 

Once done, Please leave a comment below with your full name and the date you completed the survey.

e) By completing the requirements that will qualify you as part of the raffle.

f) Promo will run from August 15 to October 30, 2014. Prizes will be shipped to the winners.


Winner of a Limited Edition SpongeBob Speaker:
Anne Marie Napay-Dragon
Winners of a Pack of four Goody Gulp Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Drink 230ml:
Carlos Andres
Jenina V. Tuazon

Please email your full name, contact number and shipping details to marie@mamaneesnest.com

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*Goody Gulp is a proud product of Character Product Concept Philippines, Inc. (CPCPI)

Good Luck!

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