Personal| Mamanee's Birthday Weekend

I have just celebrated my birthday last week, being the woman that is almost hitting the 40's and being a self proclaimed hardworking mother I believe that I deserve to celebrate.. Don't we all?

I had plans in mind, but I wasn't prepared for the surprise that my current and former trainees had prepared for me. Thinking that my work-day birthday would just be a normal day. When I walked into the training room, none of my trainees greeted me so I just shrugged and started to log into the computer. Ed (trainee) approached me with "Miss, I need to reset my password." Which I replied a "Sure, go ahead." 

Next thing I hear is a unified chant "SURPRISE!" and there on the white and easel board were messages from my trainees. 

A cake appeared and they handed over me a birthday card. I felt really teary eyed since I was having a rough week and their appreciation just overwhlemed me. Lunch was a treat since they ordered spaghetti and barbeque. It felt so good to be sorrounded these very perky and happy trainees which I fondly call my babies and they excitedly told me that they planned everything in 5 days secretly during their lunch breaks. 

Later in the day I received another surprise cake from my previous batch of trainees with my favorite sanrio characters Little Twin Stars! 

At the start of the weekend, a few close friends came over for snacks and videoke. 

Then Sunday we were off to our stay-cation!!  

It was definitely a memorable birthday since it was also the first time that I had experienced a surprise celebration plus to actually celebrate my birthday as an adult at all. 

I am forever grateful to my family, friends and colleagues. 

Do you remember a most memorable birthday? Share your story please. 😊 

My lovable brother and Arby (his loving partner) gave me a hand mixer as a gift I think this another sign I should go back to baking? Hehe. 

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  1. happy birthday! great that you were able to spend it with your loved ones! :)

  2. They're the sweetest! :) And you deserve all of it, sweetie. Continue to be an inspiration! Mwah! :)

    1. Thank you dear! Truly they are the sweetest. ❤️

  3. what a great way to celebrate. Happy Birthday and Happy Mommy Monday Blog Hop!