Review| Crowne Plaza Galleria Hotel

When was your last vacation? Do you have the time to take one? 

I don't. :( Budget and time constraints don't allow me to take a vacation when I wish to, except when it's for free! 

Last year at our company Christmas party I won an overnight stay at the Crowne Plaza Galleria from the social media contest. I was ecstatic since I really wanted to take the family out on a breather. The Crowne Plaza Galleria is a very well known hotel in the metro, conveniently situated in the business district of Ortigas right next to Robinson's Galleria and near  shopping areas like Greenhills and SM Megamall. 

We really didn't have plans to shop but more of just a 'stay-cation', yes that new terminology where you just stay in the hotel.

Since my princess and my little boss gets cranky from waiting around, I kinda got a little worried about checking in, if we would have to wait around. Gladfully, our check in was a breeze, it took less than 10 minutes and I really loved the very friendly and bright approach of Ashley. 

Our room was on the 6th floor, non-smoking,and as soon as you get offthe elevator  you get the sense of tranquility and comfort from the carpeted corridors and piped in music, just like you walked in to a spa. 

Now the room was perfect, we were given a king bed in their deluxe room and the room was bigger than we had expected. There were comfy couches near their floor to ceiling windows with a very relaxing view. The 40 inch LCD tv had cable and the usual personal ref, coffee maker, water jug heater with coffee and tea. 

I always look forward to the bathroom and my princess squealed in delight with the bathtub, I also loved the fact that the shower was actually separate.There was also sufficient toiletries, tissue, towels and hair dryer. 

I think the the hubhub and I would almost throw a panic attack whenever that the kiddos would somehow get curious and play with the drawers and cabinet doors haha. But then you can expect that hotels aren't toddler proof. 

Another amenity that we always look for is the pool. Our kids love to swim and the stay-cation would not be complete without a dip in the pool. I know you would love that their main pool is actually heated. The kiddie pool isn't though so we stayed in the main pool most of the time but I really don't think it bothered the kids if it was heated or not. You have a 4ft main pool and 2ft kiddie pool, with a life guard and pool side towels. Food is also available to order at the poolside. 

In the evening we decided to take a walk in the mall also to buy dinner and the hotel is conveniently connected to Robinson's Galleria via the 3rd floor. 

In the morning we got up early to sample the breakfast buffet which was included in our gift check. This was to be served on the 3rd floor at Seven Corners. We received the warm greeting from the waitresses and we were escorted to our table for four. 

In consideration that I had a two year old, it kinda makes me wonder how come that there aren't any baby chairs. That was something that I really think ALL restaurants should have. So it was a little hard to eat with a squirming toddler in the seat.

We weren't that much impressed with the food offered, there was your usual cereal, pastries and a few other choices like fried rice, even sushi and sashimi was being offered. The bacon was a disappointment since it said crispy, I did expect it to be but unfortunately it lacked the crunchiness I was looking for. Being the light eater I am, I don't usually get a kick out of buffets. I was happy though to see Flora which is the butter we used in the UK and the moderately sized Danish pastries were also a treat for me. The princess was happy enough to have a few tubs of yoghurt and cereal, the hubhub was the most happy with servings of a 'man' meal - bacon and hashbrowns and the little boss had cereal.

We went swimming again after breakfast, and at noon we were expected to check out, by 11:45AM if you do not call to extend your stay, you can expect the power in your room to cut off automatically.

Things that made our stay memorable and worthy of another booking:
  • The quick, efficient and very friendly front desk staff.
  • The ultimately comfy bed.
  • The room in its totality.
  • The heated pool.
  • The accessibility to the mall.
Things that would make me think twice:

  • No baby chairs in the restaurant.
  • No changing table in the public restroom on the 3rd floor
  • Probably wouldn't want to take up on the breakfast buffet if I had to pay for extra.
These are just my thoughts from a mom's perspective but if it was a business trip by all means it would be totally convenient for you.

Overall, I loved the service and the room, I felt like a queen and it surely made the hubhub, my princess and the little boss happy. 

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Julia Macario (Distribution and Relationship Executive) for taking care of my booking plans and GC requirements. 

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation directly from Crowne Plaza Galleria nor from any of their employees. Stay was provided by my company as a prize. My views are purely from my own and my husbands honest perspective.   

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  1. It's really nice that they gave you friendly service that you deserve. Some establishments, when they learn of your availment of a gc or a prize, they give you so-so service.

    1. I actually I experienced that when we used our GC at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. The front desk had us wait for almost an hour. :(

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love your review, Mamanee! I wiish our family can also have a staycation soon! :)

    1. Thank you SJ! Ahhh the happiness of a staycation. :) I hope you do too soon.

  3. Ay, bonggang bongga naman yung last photo! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. Love that photo of you on the bed! Sexy! The hotel looks fab and it looks like you guys enjoyed your stay! The last time we had a staycation was 2 years ago when I won a gc for crimson hotel here in Cebu.

    1. Thanks Jhanis! Hubby took it hehe. How was Crimson? Was it good too?

  5. Great review! :) If only we could have staycations once a month, noh? The sweet life! :)

    1. Yes! True to that Kat. I would so love to staycation whenever I felt like it hehe. Have you been on any recently?

  6. Wow ganda ng place relaxing my kids love staycation 😍😎👍

  7. This is nice one place na pwede puntahan ngayon holidays mommy..Thank you for sharing mommy