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I rarely get to attend a wedding and Last year when a dear friend got engaged she immediately told me that I would be there. She had a limited number of guests and being told that made me feel so honored. She also happens to be the Godmother of the little bossing. 

Meet Joele but fondly known as JR. 

JR in 2010 :) Peace love!

I met her in Telus and we bloomed a friendship with only 3 months being in the company but we have now known eachother for more than 3 years. 

Back then she was as a simple girl and cutely gullible. I loved how positive she was and how she would talk about things with eyes smiling and all. 

JR and I in 2011

Years passed and she bloomed into a beautiful woman. We saw eachother seldomly and it would usually be at celebrations. 

JR now, gorgeous  right?

A few weeks back she had asked if she could have my princesss join the entourage as a flower girl and of course I agreed. I think my princess was happy because of the dress. Hehe. 

Yesterday, was her wedding and I was in love with her preparations. It was held at Hebron Baptist Church, a very quaint little place and intimate. The ceremony was beautiful with violinists serenading the guests. You could feel the solemnity .  

One by one the entourage started walking down the aisle then the red carpet rolled out and then came the flower girls lead by my princess. 

My princess and her Flower girl dress

Although she was throwing petals that looked like she was angry at something she made a lot of the onlookers giggle. Pretty proud that she got to the end of the aisle. 

JR and her adorable Father

Then came in JR and I felt emotional seeing her so beautiful in her wedding gown and her father sobbing at her side was really something that would sting your heart. 

The Newlyweds: Mr. and Mrs. Lua

The ceremony itself was short and sweet. 

The beautiful ceiling adornment in Oasis Manila (The Verandah)

At the reception

The reception was held at Oasis Manila and it was almost like we walked into a grand ball. The set up was simple and grand and the food was more than we had expected. 

What the hubby and I wore

Since I had a shift at work (boohoo), we had to leave earlier than the others. Well done JR, with all the preparations. 

It was wedding that any bride would have wanted! 

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  1. What a lovely wedding! And you look very elegant in that dress!

    1. The wedding was truly beauiful (sigh) and thanks Jhanis sa compliment. Secret lang - Ukay lang yan hehe.