Review| pH Care's VZone Trimmer and Shaver

A post only for the lasses (unless you lads are interested somewhat?) hoho.

I have been very eager to try and test out these products ever since I laid eyes on them in Mercury Drug Store in MDC Libis. My curiosity spurred, thinking is this the answer to my issues with the regular sized razors that really provide a challenge with those very hard to reach areas? 

In this time trimming and shaving your intimate area or let's call it flower shall we, since the word "intimate area" is a little too serious, I could say is an ideal way to keep yourself fresh. Although, it has been said that the hair is supposed to protect you however it also becomes an inhabitant of bacteria and odors. 

The market hasn't been that flower friendly with wide regular sized razors that no matter how much you tilt sideways doesn't really do the job. So thank you PH Care for finally adapting to the female need! 

In one pack you get three disposable razors at an affordable price of 99php suggested retail price while the trimmer is only 49php suggested retail price. 

Let's take a look at the bikini shaver, the blade measures 5/8 inch in width which is also made of stainless steel which lessens the chance of rusting, you also get an aloe vera moisture strip at the top of blade. You can also see the comb design at the tip of the blade to help lift your hair while before it shaves. 

The handle is made of plastic which is angled and embossed for better handling. 

Now the bikini trimmer, the blades are 1.6 inch in length and are very sharp bit since the edges are rounded this makes it ideal for your flower. It also comes with a cover which conveniently locks into place so it is also great as part of your hygiene travel  kit. 

These two products are used ideally together as a team, since it will best if you trim your hair first before shaving making it more easier for you. 

So what did I think of the Vzone products which I so eagerly waited for? 

Things I loved:
❤️ I love the fact that the shaver was built the way it was with a shorter, angled handle and shorter width for the blade. It definitely gave you more control of where you wanted it to go. Hurrah for this personalization and to finally heeding to the modern woman's need. 
❤️ Color! I love pink, really tells the people using the bathroom that the shaver is mine. Haha. 
❤️ The lock in cover for the trimmer. I just hate it when I lose the cover, yes I am human to lose things. And this is just perfect. 
❤️ Packaging. It stands out in the aisle and definitely beckons me to purchase. 
❤️ Price. Super affordable and budget friendly. 

Things I wish for: 
❤️ Double Blade for the shaver. I really would prefer I more close shave kind of trim. 
❤️ Rubber handle. I used the shaver in the bathroom, heaven forbid if I used it somewhere else, and it just kept slipping from my hand. So rubber would be great please. 

All-in-all, it's a great change up and innovation to the regular bikini shaver's and trimmers on the market and it clearly has been meant to cater to a woman's need to take care of her delicate flower ( kind of medieval sounding?). 

I do see these products to be listed as one of the great must-haves for women but I also expect the bikini shaver to improve in terms of it's blade and grip. The bikini shaver is ideal for those with thin strands but should also cater to all types of hair, yup I said it, TMI (too much information) it might be, but there are women that have thicker strands. Thank you Serene of Nurse's Diary for your input during our very animate discussion about the flower down there. 

Before I go let me share some shaving tips for you: 

❤️ No shaving cream? Try using hair conditioner on your skin before shaving. Less nicks and cuts, yehey! 
❤️ After using your shaver and trimmer make sure you clean and wipe them dry to keep them free from clogging and dirt. It will also make their usage life longer. 
❤️ After shaving, use Aloe Vera or lotion to smoothen your skin. 

Hope these help, but if you have some shaving tips to share please leave a comment below. :)

Vzone® Trimmer and Razor are available in Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, 7-Eleven and Rustans and Robinsons** 
**Only Vzone by pH Care Trimmer is available

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*Disclaimer: The products were provided for free for the purpose of review. Photos are my own unless stated otherwise. The opinions and views expressed here are based on my actual experience of the product.*
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  1. I think my husband would want me to buy this because I keep using his shave hahahahahah!

    1. Hahahaha Me too Jhanis! It just happens to be in the bathroom at the right time. :)

  2. This is definitely a must for us laaadies! Glad PH Care made this, now we have more options than the scary "wax"!

    1. I seriously haven't puckered enough courage to get a Brazilian done. Maybe if it was free hahaha.

  3. I have used this kind of razor before. Bought mine from Watson's, but I forgot the brand and it's not pink like this one. And yes, applying conditioner is must before shaving. Thanks for sharing, i'll look for this one next time.

    1. I actually think I remember that also. Was it any good?

  4. Thanks for your descriptive review! Will check this out now and give that hair conditioner a try! :)

    1. Thanks for reading :) That hair conditioner hack works for me every time. :)

  5. Wow, will definitely look for that shaver! Yes, hair conditioner works wonders :) This can be a girl's bestfriend, that is if not into wax treatments.

    1. True that, like I, haven't tried waxing yet. This serves as a great alternative.