Review| Bluewater Day spa: Relaxation at It's Finest

How does your company appreciate you? We all know that if you manage people, it is one of the most tiring jobs and sometimes you need a break. 

My company has a yearly TLAD (Team Leaders Appreciation Day) and this year we were treated out to a spa party. 

I have tried a few spas in the past but never a spa party and at first I felt a little sleepy to actually go since our training team had the schedule on a weekday. But I am sure glad I did. 

Our package would be a foot spa and full body massage. I can remember my first full body massage in a well known spa in the metro and it didn't make me that happy, so I felt hesitant to get the full body massage. So how did Bluewater Day Spa in Ortigas fair out for me, allow me to show you. 

Upon entry, the lobby was a clean but simple reception and we had out list of names and then I was provided with a locker key, staff was friendly and were smiling. One point! 

I was ushered into the female changing room and I could immediately smell the aroma of essential oils. In the locker, there was a hanger, a pair of rubber slippers, a clean fluffy towel and a change of clothing which to me looked like a scrub suit but with shorts. It felt comfortable and by changing it put me in the zone. 

I was asked to enter in a room and to my surprise it was a movie room, with plush lazy boy seats and a massive screen. Wow, talk about a personal experince, turns out that they also hold regular spa parties and just outside the door was a set up of food which was completely delicious.  

After my snack, I had an assigned attendant start on my foot spa. I did find it a little hard for me, but the attendant was ok with me telling her to tone it down. Afterwards, I was ask to go to the female massage room - keep in mind that my last experience with another spa wasn't that great. 

Walking in the room, it had a few beds (if that's what you call them) and again there was that smell of oil, music was piped in and the room was dim, my gosh - totally a place where you could fall asleep.

I'm not so sure how long my body massage lasted for but I can tell you that I actually dozed off for the first time! I am not a fan of body massages but this experience wanted me to go back. I was happy that the attendant would do a temp check with me from time to tome to ask if I was ok and including her hand pressure. 

I actually felt relaxed and ready to doze off. It was a soft massage and I enjoyed it  a lot. 

Let me give you a list of what I liked
1.  Ambience - the place smelled divine , it was clean and the place was designed in a simple manner that it really de-clogs your brain. 

2. Staff - they were courteous and spoke all in a low tone. I remember going to this small spa in Marikina for a pregnancy massage and just outside my room there were attendants talking loudly  while they were having lunch. 

3. Spa Services - The massage was superb and I loved every part of it. 
4. The Movie Room - Ultimately my favorite, lazy boy, spacious and comfortable with a place to put your food. 

5. Locker and the female locker room - items were complete and you didn't need to look for anything. Including lotion, powder and blow dryer. 

What I would have liked: 
1. Complimentary shampoo and soap - Although in the shower room there was a dispenser, I wasn't sure if it was liquid soap or shampoo. It would be nice if you could go to spa without having to worry about your toiletries. 

2. Longer time - 3 hours just wasn't enough hehe. 

3. Name Tags for the attendant - I sort of 'lost' my attendant along the way to the massage room and since they were all wearing scrub suits and their hair was in a bun, I felt I was drowing in a scene from The Giver since I didn't know who she was. 

Overall, the service was pleasureable and yes Bluewater Day Spa in Ortigas gets my two thumbs up! 

*Disclosure: The opinions and views expressed here are based on my actual and truthful experience of the product/website/service, I believe in truthful blogging for the benefit of my readers and only endorse products/events/services that I believe in.
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