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One thing I was very excited about from the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party was the sponsor Wellworth Department Store. 

I was able to receive an invite for the opening yet couldn't make it due to my schedule - bummer! 

Seeing the posts from the other mommies, I knew I missed out on a lot since Wellworth is totally stocked with everything you need! 

Located in Fairview Terraces and opened by the two shopping experience giants Ayala Inc and Store Specialist Inc they state on their website that "Wellworth, a value-based, mid-market department store chain, aims to tap into the country's growing market of aspirational yet price-conscious shoppers, by hosting a wide variety of international, local, and exclusive brands in a dynamic and exciting shopping environment."

So what can you get from Wellworth Department Store

Let me show you, for your little one:

How about a Crayola pack for your little travelers to keep them busy while you are on the road? 

For your boy in grade school: 

And for your girl teener, how about this dainty little purse? 

These products are all available at Wellworth Department Store. Perfect for your everyday needs. 

You can find Wellworth Department Store at Fairview Terraces, 2733 Quirino Highway, Fairview, Quezon City 1123. 

Store is open everyday from 10AM to 10PM. 

Check then out on the web and see their promos at http://www.wellworth.com.ph/promos

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