Personal| When Suddenly You Felt like you broke a Leg

When you brake a leg, you temporarily lose it's function to work for you. Definitely, it would be healed yet it takes time.

I felt that way when my only partner in life fell sick with the flu. We do not have a maid or a yaya. He stays at home and I work and we do not have help from anyone else. 

We depend on ourselves to get through everything which entails taking care of the kids and finances. At this point, I kind of envy others that have help from in-laws or their own parents. We don't. 

People have this misconception about me all the time: 

1. I own a car.
2. I am well-off.
3. I live in an awesome looking house. 
4. I have maids. 

None of these are true. I just like dressing up which most of clothes come from the thrift store, I have ok looking skin because of my spanish descent (mother's side) and I speak well (grew up in the UK, where we depended on welfare). 

Having the only person I depend on get very sick, leaves me like a broke a leg. All my errands at a stop, blogging on haitus, work suffers and I need to take a leave so he can get well. 

I may not have everything that people perceive me to have, yet I am contented. This is the life I have been blessed by God to have. 

Why am I telling you this, because I am sad that some people would never understand where you come from. That's why I never judge others especially if I have no idea what there life is like in the background. 

Can you share some positive thoughts with me please? I would love to hear them.

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  1. Hugs to you, Mamanee! You're a super woman and Papatin is a superman for taking care of the kids and the household. We all sometimes feel like we have a broken leg when a loved one gets sick. It's just God's little reminder for you and Papatin to slow down and relax. ;) Praying that he'll be better soon.

  2. I super agree with you Kat, thank you for your comforting words. Makes me feel so good to hear that confirmation from you that we need to slow down.

  3. Hang in there! It's all uphill after that :) I hope your routine goes back to normal soon! Will pray for your hubby's quick recovery.
    hugs from anotha momma :)