Review| Cream Factory Goat's Milk Bath and Scrub

Working in the corporate world can sometimes be a little blah. If you are part of the call center industry like I am, you know you can relate that when you wake up in the evening, you somehow are taking a rushed bath or shower. 

Then the weekend comes, the kids are finally taking an afternoon nap and you have some "me" time and finally a not so rushed bath. 

This was the perfect time to try out The Cream Factory's Skin Scrub. 

You have to give it to the smell, while you rub it through your skin, I seriously was giving out Ooh's and Ahhh's. Being that it's main ingredients are Goat's Milk and Jojoba with Walnut Sprinkles, being that natural, it definitely is food for your skin. 

I could understand why The Cream Factory would use Goat's Milk as their base for all their products since it has so many benefits, to name a few it actually delays the process of skin-aging (aha! I bet that was one benefit you were looking for, since we need to keep looking young for the hubbies), it moisturizes and it is packed with nutrients. And for The Cream Factory, their goat's milk actually comes from The Netherlands, totally fresh. 

Jojoba is known as a natural emollient which can heal and smoothen your skin. 

These ingredients with the walnut sprinkles gives you a natural, clarifying skin scrub WITHOUT phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oils, parabens and toxic petrochemicals.

I really felt I was transported to a spa a bit and after washing the scrub off with the back up of The Cream Factory's Goat's Milk and Honey Bath Cream. My skin felt great and pampered. It's a weekend get away in my own bathroom! 

So what did I like? 

1. Packaging. The tub of the skin scrub came with a flip top cover which made it easier to handle as well as the bath cream. 

2. Scent. So refreshing and pleasant. 

3. Ingredients. Since I am aging and I have no qualms of saying so. I really hate products with too much chemicals in it. Since I beleive that natural ingredients is always better. 

What could have made it better? 

1. Longer lingering scent. It didn't really linger on my skin after the bath, but like my hubby said, since he is my designated sniffer, maybe it was created that way, to focus on the properties of skin scare than on scent. Hmmm, point taken. 

Overall, I love this product and I use it once in a while since I don't want to finish the whole bottle or tub yet. It's a great weekend bath for us corporate moms wanting to get away for just a few minutes. 

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