Review| Nature Essentials Body Confidence (Underarm) Set

What's your hidden body secret? Or are you like many others that have slight problems with the underarms? May it be dark pigmentation, chicken skin or excessive persipiration?

I can bet that one thing that you may desire for your underarms would be white and smooth. Just like what you see celebrities. Right? 

How many products have you tried already and most have failed? A lot? 

And here I am probing because I can say that I would have answered Yes to most of these questions. I don't actually have dark underarms as though you were looking into a cave but I would like it to be a little more fairer and of course more smoother. 

It was only a year back that I discovered waxing for underarms and I was basically shaving everyday that it did damage my skin. So when I was asked to try out an underarm whitening system, I readily agreed because I also wanted to share if this is the product that a filipina mom can finally rely on with all those products on the market. 

Nature Essentials is a 100% organic product, and with the set you get a aluminum chloride free deo spray that can control sweat and odor, correct pores and gives you 24-48 hour protection. 

Your 2nd product is the whitening cream which naturally removes skin discoloration as well as chicken skin effectively moisturizing and smoothens your underarm skin. 

Your 3rd product is the serum which naturally lightens scars and removes dark spots. Using this along with the cream will give 80% faster results. 

I have to admit I wasn't able to utilize the serum as much as I wanted to, for everyday I stuck to the cream and deo spray. 

Did it work? I had to get the expertise of my affiliate, the hubhub. I think he was the best one to judge that. According to him there was a slight improvement, not significant as though they were bright like headlights but much lighter. 

I also saw the lightening effect but still had to see significant improvement to smoothness. 

What I liked: 

1. Scent. No exaggerated overpowering scent. 

2. Fast drying. Thank God that after spraying the deo that you really didn't have to raise your arms in front of an electric fan. Damn, if you were running late for work and it also doesn't stain your clothes! 

3. Easy absorption. Both the serum and the cream with just a little amount is easily absorbed by your skin. Make sure you only put enough and not slabber it on. 

What could have been better: 

1. Packaging. I found the packaging of the serum and deo spray a little flimsy. Like, I would be totally scared to pack it in a cosmetic bag if I were to travel in a very over packed bag - I'm sure you get my point. 

2. Days to achieve. I am not sure why, but this is the second time that I reviewed a whitening product that did not set your expectations as to when you can start seeing results. 

3. Step-by-Step guide. Since this set has 3 different products, I had no idea what should come first, which I should use most etc. I just guessed that I could use the cream then the deo spray. I beleive if you don't use the products in the right way that it could affect the results. I would have liked to see: M-W-F use the cream and T-TH-S use the serum or something to that effect. 

The whole set costs 1,500php but I am sure that it is an investment for those that want to lighten their underarms without drinking supplements or with the use of harsh chemicals. The price is understandable given the fact that it is 100% organic. 

I would recommend this to those that are in need of a product that would actually work, I'd say yes to this rather than those   100php products (cringing at the thought of adverse effects). 

And in total fairness, I have the set for almost a month and I will still be able to use for another. Truly economical. 

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