Personal| Happy Birthday Hubhub!

My dear hubhub, your 2014 was amazing and you had the greatest milestone where you had won your first amateur MMA fight. Your hardship payed off pretty well and you were over the moon for weeks on end. :)

Now, that you have added another year to your fruitful life, let me share with you the 5 reasons why you are awesome. We may not have a grand party or a big celebration but I am hoping these things will make you see why people are happy to know you and why we are lucky to have you.

1. You are an amazing friend

2. People that work with you, know your dedication and strong will.

3. You are so much fun to be around with and you always want to make others laugh.

3. You know what family means.

4. Your daughter and son, are totally in love with you and adore you to the fullest extent.
 Which makes you an amazing father.
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5. Eventhough at times you may not believe me, 
but you still and always be my knight in shining amour.

My dear hubhub, you may think that now you are not worthy or that you have no place in this world, I want to let you know that everytime you we spend your birthday together it also is another year as a married couple. We fight often like married couples do, kids can sometimes (or actually all the time) be unruly, friends sometimes may not be there and you may feel that you are not enough.

You will always be enough,  and God knows that amidst you senseless babbling is a man with a pure heart that only wishes to be happy. To another amazing year my hubhub. I love you to tidbits and you know it, regardless of what you think. 

Happy Birthday to my one and only: 
Sire, Papatin and Huhub.

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  1. happy bday martin!!! stay awesome, as always 😉
    oh, and happy anniv to you two 😁😁😁

    1. Thank you Francine and you even remembered our Anniversary! Hehe