Review| Transform into a Goddess with Jill Ngo: Belly Dancing Class Review

When I was younger - like, way back younger, I wanted to become a ballerina. I can't forget the day when my little brother who was in elementary then had a class activity and he drew a picture of me as a ballerina however the caption said "My sister wants to become a belly dancer." He didn't know how to spell "Ballet" and there goes no auto-correct. We laughed about it for days and back then belly dancing was a taboo thing since it would depict women dancing very sexy. 

Fast forward to few decades, I have often seen in Marikina Sports Complex, a class of ladies Belly Dancing. I told myself one day I will definitely try that - but of course never have. 

Until last Sunday, I got the chance to join the bloggers invite to a Be a Goddess For A Day  - A Belly Dance experience with Jill Ngo. 

I wasn't so sure what to expect since this would be my first time. I do dance but then Belly Dancing to me has always looked challenging. The event was held at Footworks Dance Studio which is new in Katipunan and thankfully very near to where I live. 

The day started off with a talk from Jill Ngo and introductions. I loved her advocacy which is to help women turn into their own Goddesses, exuding confidence, being happy with what God has provided and learning to shoo away insecurities. She asked everyone to take a solo photo for a "Before" shot and said that we would see a difference after the lesson. This excited me. 

Jill and bloggers during the introductions.

Jill put us through an extensive warm up session which surely tested my flexibility and my muscles! Sheer will power is what you need and determination. I have only been able to attend a few dance workshops recently so I felt as though this was all brand new. 

We were then taught how to move our chest, belly and also our arms the way a belly dancer does. Our first activity was to walk, I loved this activity although I have to admit that I still felt very shy. Yes, despite my very extrovert personality, I am actually shy about things that I do not have any knowledge about. I loved how Jill would emphasize on posture and how important it is in looking confident.

We were then taught a simply dance with 30 counts which we would perform after in groups of two. I can say that I wasn't able to follow much and I realized that I am a crappy belly dancer hahahaha. Throw me into modern dance anytime - but I can also say that Belly Dancing has definitely found it's way into my heart. And because, I don't have the courage to show you the video, here are some screen shots:

We also got a surprise performance from Jill Ngo's Goddesses of Bellydance.

Members of the Goddesses of Bellydance by Jill Ngo

Jill Ngo's teaching that confidence comes from within and that Belly Dancing should not be considered as a stereo-typical sexy dance, was an awakening for me and made me realize that everything that she believes in as bringing confidence into women is true. Getting to be taught by Jill will allow you to discover your inner Goddess and you'll walk out of the dance studio feeling amazing.

Jill Ngo
Jill as an instructor makes you feel good about yourself and she is not afraid to admit if she admires a trait in someone, very down to earth, humble and so quirky there was no dull moment even though she was unwell. 

The whole experience made me happy and I know it will take more lessons with Jill before I will able to reveal my inner Goddess and that's what you should do. As a mom, we need this - sometimes we lose ourselves in duties of being a wife and in childcare, that ME time that EVERY mother deserves is overlooked. Keep in mind that you must be healthy spiritually and also physically to take care of your family. Allow Ms. Jill Ngo to show you the way. 

"How about the single ladies?", I hear you scream. Same for you- take care of yourselves and if you are nearing to walking down the aisle, Jill Ngo has this amazing workshop called the Bridal Transformation Package. 

Lookie! My inner Goddess slightly shining through on the "After" photo:

The before shot when I arrived and the after shot right after the class - see the difference with my posture. We even got a Modelling 101 session with Jill hehe.
What I loved:
• Jill's quirkiness and energy, it's not so pressuring but truly fun. 
• Receptionist's were very welcoming. 
• Studio was clean and not too cold or too stuffy. It also had ceiling to floor mirrors. 

What could have been better:
The building amenities (stairs going up and corridor was a little too dirty, looks like you were walking into a run down warehouse but good thing when you go into the studio, you forget the whole outside.

Jill Ngo holds her back-to-back Zumba and Belly Dance Classes on Mondays at 6PM - 7PM at Footworks Dance Studio, do visit their Facebook page for more details. 

For Jill Ngo's Bridal Transformation Package inquiries you may contact her via her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram: Jillbellyzumbapilates. You may also contact 0917.624.7534 or 632.502.2912 for bookings, classes and choreography inquiries.

About Jill Ngo
She is the producer and artistic director of the biggest gathering of belly dancers in the Philipppines - Bellyfest - held annually. Founder and mentor of the Goddesses of Bellydance, an award-winning professional belly dance troupe. She has choreographed for Regine Tolentino, Princess ryan, Maja Salvador, Nikki Gil, Shaina Magdayao, Diana Menezes, Andrea del Rosario and on shows for ABS-CBN and GMA 7.

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  1. Jill seems to be a very nice lady. She was the emcee in an event I attended a few weeks ago. She has a certain aura that would make you feel good about yourself. Release the inner goddess!! :) Oh I hope I can do belly dancing, too. Maybe next time. :)

    1. UU Kat! Let's try after you give birth. Malapit lang ito. :)

  2. I joined her belly dance workout classes a few years ago. It was fun, but honestly hard work. She makes it look easy. :)) Jill keeps the mood in class upbeat, so everyone's enjoying while working their booties out (among other things).

    1. Yes,haaarddd work. My friend and I are both dancers but it did not prepare us for Belly Dancing hahaha.

  3. Awww, ang layo dito. :( I would've gone to their Zumba class if they were near here. I don't think I'll be comfy with belly dancing, esp when all my belly's hanging out with the outfit, hahaha.

    1. Hehehe, I know Jill has Zumba classes in other areas. You can check her FB page for that. :)

  4. Looking good sis. Wish I know how to dance ;) Think I have done almost all exercise, except for Belly Dancing!

    1. Thanks Eens, I actually have gained weight lol. This was a part of my bucket list, Hope you get to try it also.

  5. wow this looks like a super fun way to shed excess fat :)

  6. Awww! So inggit! Tried belly dancing before but I only followed the ones' sa dvd at home coz I'm shy! Hehe. Go sexy momma! Looks like you nailed the art of belly dancing!

  7. Wow this looks fun! I remember I tried Belly Dancing once when I was younger but I was really shy so hindi ko na-maximize yung learning. I would like to try it one more time. :)

  8. I wish makasali ako sa mga belly dancing pero siguro sakin, bil-bil dancing hahahaha.

  9. I've always wanted to try belly dancing. kainggit. hihi!
    Sana ako din! :D I remember dati bumili pa ako ng dvd din na pang belly dancing. di ko kinaya, di kaya ng tyan ko ang moves hehe

  10. I really like the idea of "bringing out the inner goddess in women" through belly dancing, but I don't think I'd be able to do it. I'm such a lousy dancer. Lol! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  11. my belly is starting to show now and this dancing is for sure a perfect activity

  12. I'm so inggit! I've always wanted to try belly dancing -- I just don't have the body or the flexibility for it, or the coordination din. Hahaha. Looks like fun!