Feature| iprice: The Online Supermall of Your Favorite Online Stores!

I have always been a fan of Online shopping. The working mama hardly gets time to roam around a mall and shop if needed, so my next best thing is to look online to find a great deal.  

The question is where to look. You've been on Instagram, Facebook and other e-commerce sites that you suddenly feel like you have lost yourself in a jungle and after hours on the internet looking and switching between sites, your eyes are tired and drained - let's include your fingers too.  

Now, imagine this online Super mall where the most popular online stores are located in one site. All the brands that you are needing and it's just one click away. Here comes iprice 
Serving seven markets in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam), iprice has created your virtual super mall, but not only to secluded to listing the products and brands, they have made it so convenient to provide a tab for coupons. You get the best deals in the house and at your convenience! 

iprice has a variety of products listed from a pack of diapers to running shoes to the newest laptop. There isn't a need for you to drag yourself off the sofa to get to a mall.  
So many brands to explore

What happens is that you browse from tons of listings on iprice, select the product you are interested to buy and just by clicking on the photo, it will redirect you to the site where the product is being offered.  

A large range of products to choose from.

iprice has the best online stores in the house including Zalora, Lazada, agoda, Romwe, melissa, Groupon, wego and more. When you sign up for their newsletter, you are secured that you'll get the latest offers and also they are categorized by your choice of men or women products.  

No more lengthy looking around on search engines or tiresome clicking! So if you haven't checked out iprice yet then now is the best time to do so, stop wondering what you need to get Uncle Joe for his birthday or your mother-in-law for Christmas. Hop over to iprice and find what you have been looking for with just a few clicks.

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  1. i love this! anything about a sale really. hahaha

    1. Me too, Sarah! Weakness ang sales! Hehe. :))

  2. Makapag shopping nga dito one of these days!

  3. Will check this out, this is so convenient :) Thanks :)

  4. This is great, so convenient. One stop online shopping destination indeed.

  5. I love looking for the next great bargain... I have a feeling this just made all of us shopaholics' lives easier. :)

  6. Will check this today. Tnx for sharing!

  7. I am a newbie in online shopping. I will add this site on my list!


  8. This is a convenient way of finding deals!

  9. I shop at zalora and takatack. i'll check this out! thanks :)

  10. So many online stores are popping out these days. Makes shopping really convenient :)

  11. I think iprice is a fabulous online shopping website for fashion lovers like me!

  12. I discovered iPrice a few months ago. It really is a great place to look for awesome deals. :)