Feature| Nutri10 Plus: Why This is My Choice for my Active Princess!

I finally had enrolled my princess into daycare! That is a massive step for me since I officially can say that I have a student in the household. To prepare, I have been teaching her how to write letters and also I purchased a set of flash cards to help distinguish the sounds of vowels and consonants. 

My princess is a pretty active kid and one thing you really need to look out for when it comes to schooling is also their health. That's why it was perfect timing when we got Nutri 10 Plus from Wert Philippines to supplement my princess' health and make sure she is ready for daycare!

My princess has been taking Nutri 10 Plus for almost a week now and she surely enjoys each dose, because it's flavored with the fruitiness of Ponkan, having her take 2.5ml of the supplement has been totally a breeze. Well don't take my word for it and see for yourself below: 

That biiiig smile says it all!

My princess Dumpling needs this since she'll be going to school Taurine will help with her brain development, lessen anxiety for her, and now that she will be exposed alot to sunlight since her schedule will be in the day, it will protect her cells from harmful ultraviolet rays. 

Nutri 10 Plus
What's in Nutri 10 Plus you ask?, let Alonzo Muhlach show you: 

I'm excited to see the benefits that it will give my princess with her upcoming school days and to show you what's an active kid like with Nutri 10 Plus, I'll posting regular feedback for you. :) Let's put Nutri 10 Plus to the test shall we? 

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