Personal| April Was Fool Proof for Mamanee!

My husband and I had agreed that we would always focus on the things that we have, rather than the things that we don't have. I decided that every month, I would share gratitude posts - if you have ever read or watch The Secret that you would also know why providing gratitude is a way to attract positivity in your life.

I posted what a merry March I had and today I am sharing with you how my awesome April went.

  I thought initially that it was non-eventful month for me but then looking back, there were a lot of things to be grateful for:

1.  I got to try out B'lue when they put up a booth in the office, 
nice tasting "water-based" drink, yes, that is what they call it. 

With my colleague Love. :)

2. CVG Employee appreciation Day, Free tickets to Avengers: Age of Ultron
We had the whole cinema to ourselves! Need I say more? 

Straight from the shift eye bags yet happy faces after the screening. 
Thanks Boss for the Photo!

3. I got to use my voucher from Zalora and scored amazing items!

4. Attended the BDJ Rendevous: Made to Fly event. I won a Dermclinic GC for a Medical Facial and got to take home a cool loot bag full of Pond's Products.

Photo from Belle De Jour Planner Facebook page.

5. Received gifts from my trainees, J.Co and a bunch of chocolates. The best part was the note, which said: "Thank you for being a nice and understanding trainer". ♥

Bonus: Trisha Gosingtian liked and left a heart comment on my Instagram post of her! Eeeeeee!

                                         That wraps up my April - how was yours? 

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