Review| Organic Baby Wipes: The best wet wipes for you and your baby

Everyone needs wet wipes! They are one of most nifty ways to get clean in an instant and I so remember when we were kids that my Mum would buy wet wipes so often. I don't think I can leave without a pack of wet wipes, with or without the kids in tow. 

Imagine those ice cream moments, or scrubby hands after going up and down the slide in the playground, what about before eating? Those need wet wipes, oh and let's not forget the need to clean a bum. Wet wipes are your hand dandy all around "clean-just-about-everything" saver. 

Now usually wet wipes are cloth like disposable towelettes which is damp to the touch and are created using chemicals. These ingredients could sometimes hurt your baby's and your own. The best way is to always go natural and organic. 

What about organic plus affordable?? Organic Baby Wipes delivers both, organic materials at an affordable price. I got to try the product for more than a week. 

Description and ingredients

Organic Baby wipes are infused with organic aloe vera - known for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to prevent diaper rash and there are no harsh chemicals - paraben- free, no alcohol and no chlorine!

Do you see the difference in thickness?

What I liked: 
♥ Scent - smells fresh and mild. Makes me happy every time I peel the resealable cover.  

Thicker cloth - I hate it when you're using wet wipes, then suddenly it breaks. These wipes you can actually stretch and they won't break easily but of course don't stretch it to much. 

♥ Packaging - I love it's no nonsense, straight up "Organic Baby Wipes" brand and it's simple colored packaging in the green palette. 

♥ Price - It is truly affordable for an organic product. 

What could be better:
Availability - I wish these wipes were available in more places to purchase like the more common supermarkets I go to.  

Would I buy this product?:
That's an absolute yes! I loved these wipes and I don't think I would like to go back to the flimsy wet wipes that I usually purchase. 

Organic Baby Wipes come in travel packs of 20 and 80 wipes plus the best variant is the extra large wipes which is as big as two of my palms and it's available in packs of 30 wipes. 

Organic Baby Wipes XL 30's (Pack of 5): 345Php**(69Php per pack)*
Organic Baby Wipes 20's (Pack of 12): 395Php** (32.93Php per pack)*
Organic Baby Wipes 80's (Pack of 5): 450Php** (90Php per pack)*

* Estimated price per pack
** Prices based on the Lazada website

You may purchase Organic Baby Wipes from the following stores: Babyland (shaw, eastwood and festival), Babyzone (fisher), Baby Steps (festival), Fisher department store, Modern Mama (banilad, cebu), Unimart (greenhills), pioneer center, makati supermarket (alabang), Jewel Tone kiosk (robinsons magnolia); and online thru The Right Stuff Online, The Purple Cradle, Baby Mama, Lazada and Cudsly.

Product review is based on my own experience and solely the my own opinion, you may review my full disclosure policy here.

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