Dumpling Diaries| How Nutri 10 Plus helps in Daycare Learning

Last entry in Dumpling's diary, I shared with you what happened at the Parents Orientation and where she had met a new friend. They have been inseparable ever since! 


I was confident that she would do fine in Daycare but still a little worried since she still couldn't talk clearly. All my fears were washed away when I saw how well she was doing in her first week. 

I got her ready for Daycare and set her expectations that she would be going to school with other kids and her teacher. 

When we got there she immediately remembered the friend she met and they sat next to each other the whole day. There were kids that were experiencing anxiety, started crying and usually didn't follow but gladly enough, Dumpling was calm, smiled and listened when i asked her to do so. 

See that smile on her face?

I was happy to see how much confidence she had while holding the teacher's hand when they started to sing and how she interacted with the other kids. 

Throughout her first week she did the classroom activities and usually would finish on time but of course the milestone went to the time she had received her first star! 


I am truly happy that with Nutri10 Plus she is able to learn quickly and be active whenever needed. This is definitely the best multivitamin supplement for her.  

With Chorella Growth factor, Taurine, Lysine, Vitamins D, E,  B, C and Zinc, the princess is set for the whole school year!

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  1. ang galing nman po ng baby nyo. achiever dahil sa nutri 10 plus :)