Dumpling Diaries| Stay Protected Under The Sun with Nutri10 Plus

Did you read that title right lasses? Absolutely YES! It's Nutrition Month and if you have a pre-schooler like I then you would have been preparing that costume and what-not for your little one. Helllooo Crafty Mom!


Dumpling was assigned to the Go Food Group - which is the Fats and Carbohydrates group of food (wow, perfect for the my princess), I decided to turn her into a sandwich! Don't worry lasses, not literally of course! :) 

I gave my whole crafty mom let out and made her this simple costume, where she represented Bread and to make it a little more happier added some lettuce and tomato - we kind of joked around that my Dumpling was the ham hehe.


Last week, we took here to school where the morning and afternoon class were combined to go on parade. Thank God for good weather but talk about being so humid that day. I came off straight from a shift with no sleep and the humidity was definitely felt.


The kids were lined up and around the block they went - I was pretty happy that Dumpling has been taking Nutri10 Plus Multivitamins as a supplement to her diet. Nutri10 Plus has Taurine that not only helps with brain development, acts as an anti-anxiety agent but did you know that it also protect the cells from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light? Oh YAAAS it does, so that means that her slight exposure that day to the sun at least didn't make me worry to much. 

Nutri10 Plus has been amazing with supporting Dumpling so far and I can see this as a long lasting relationship. 

Learn more about Werts Philippines' Nutri 10 Plus on their Facebook Page and start your kid on a healthy, active and happy kid life.

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