Dumpling Diaries| Staying Active with Nutri10 Plus

Ever since Dumpling has been taking Nutri10 Plus we have had an amazing journey with her schooling and other activities. 

All this and the rainy season here, she needs all the help she can get to remain healthy and stay sick free. 

Good thing that she's been taking her multivitamins since it's also helping to boost her immune system to fight against illnesses, she is able to play as much as she wants. Despite the fact she is a picky eater, she still gets all the nutrients she needs with her daily supplement. 
Happily eating bananas!

Sharing is caring, they say and since she has shared Nutri10 Plus with her brother, he has also shared the benefits which also includes gaining a appetite. Now, they both eat heartily

Learn how Nutri10 Plus can also help your kid today! 

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