Fashion| What to Wear during the Rainy Days

We have officially bid farewell to summer and although I know some of use might be still experiencing a hang over, we have no choice but to embrace these rainy months. 

We do have to admit though that for commuters like myself, it surely is a challenge to get from one place to another without drenching yourself wet with these rains. I am sure BPO employees like myself are truly shaking their heads when you see a monsoon or typhoon coming and we're like - "Tsk, Typhoon - shmyphoon. I gotta get to work, I am waterproof!" That's because whether we like it or not, we HAVE to get to work. 

Luckily, I live near my office so regardless of the rains, I bravely grab my umbrella and go!

So being that this is the most unlikely weather for fashion, what can we wear to work during these times?  Here are some suggestions you might want to take up. 

1. Footwear that will keep your footsies dry.
Buy a pair of rain boots. Yup, I know it sounds funny, but I honestly hate getting my feet wet. Usually, most wear slippers or sandals then change. But you are still wet, then you have to wipe down, unfold your pants and so. Wearing rain boots will allow your feet to stay dry and warm. Your rain boots need not be expensive, I bought mine for 250PHP at the Marikina City  Market. 

2. Leggings and tights to warm your legs.
Best to wear fitted leg wear than loose pants which will get wet. Tuck a pair of leggings into your rain boots and pull over an over sized sweater, and voila! You are all set. However, if you don't feel like wearing leggings and you want to go a little more fashion forward go and get a pair of tights, opaque stockings are also a good substitute which you can wear under a skirt to keep your warm. 

Here's a sample of a rainy day outfit, totally a throw-back since 
I was 6 months pregnant with my princess here!

3. Sweaters that will keep you snug.
Looks great, feels great and you are snug and warm. The over sized sweater will always be a classic and you definitely will look cute. I have a few of my own and they are my go-to-fashion look whenever I feel a little relaxed but still need to look like a leader type of day. If you are not the over sized sweater type, then you may opt for a top covered by a jacket or blazer. 

Now, that you have an idea what to wear but don't have the strength to step out to score a new top, try looking a some options at Zalora. There is so much to choose from and you can filter results depending on your budget, don't worry about getting wet, they'll deliver your order right at your door step!


Do you have any rainy fashion ideas that you can also share with me? Please do at the comments section below lasses!


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