Event| The Girls Survival Guide to 2015 Blogapalooza Seasons

One of the most awaited events I look forward to every year is Blogapalooza and this year they promise it to be bigger and better. Ooooh the excitement I have!

Last year I was able to attend and I stayed for a whopping 6 hours! It was that fun and that busy! There was so many booths, celebrities and also games to join in.

I am writing this post today as a checklist on how you as a girl/lady/woman/mother should prepare for the biggest Business to Blogger event. Last year I shared tips, this year it's a plan to conquer Blogapalooza!

Here is my list of ten things for a girl to survive Blogapalooza 2015:
  1. Tons of calling cards - Leave your mark at every booth and get those businesses want to work with you. Nothing says poor perception if you just scribble your social accounts and email on a piece of paper. Your calling card will represent you. 
  2. Comfortable, cool and a photo worthy outfit - There will be tons of selfies almost at every booth and it will be all over your Instagram might as well look great in them right? But don't go overboard by wearing stilettos - with the grand number of booths you'll get tired walking around. A pair of ballet flats or comfortable sandals will suffice.
  3. Bottle of water and Tic Tacs - Yup you read it right. There will be taste tests and you will be speaking with a lot of people. You'll get thirsty with all the good food to taste and then you'll have bad breath. Hahaha. We don't want that when you speak with the booth representatives do we?
  4. Your Own Pen - Of course there will be pens given around but then you want to be able to write on their log sheets without having to scourer around for one.
  5. Large Reusable Bags - It's a must! I love how at the registration booth they give you a bag but with all the amazing freebies you'll be getting, you'll be needing more!
  6. Camera, Phone, Tablet, Power Bank and if applicable Portable Wifi  - Photos, selfies, Facebook likes and social shares will be a major need. Don't fall out because you don't have a connection or your battery drained.
  7. Be a Carnival Game Expert - I can't remember how many times I was asked to shoot the hoop, shoot in the box, match this, draw this, avoid hitting this, and I was so bad at it. This year, I'm working out. 
  8. Prepare Your Arms or biceps, if you will - Speaking of working out, there was so much to carry home, I realized I should have worked out using a dumbbell to strengthen my arms.
  9. Be Early - I was there at opening and was able to get first dibs on the awesome media kits. With so many attendees expect some booths to run out. So get up early. :)
  10. Have Fun - I can assure you, it will definitely happen. Smile a lot and just enjoy the most awesome event that was created for Bloggers and Businesses.

So are you ready? Sign up now for this year's Blogapalooza here.

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  1. I signed up yesterday. See you Sis.😊

    1. Hey Jenny! Wonderful, hoping to bump into you. :)

  2. Hahaha.. Oh, I'm going to do the biceps exercise, too! :D.

    1. Goooo Elisa! I'm practicing my shooting game hehehe.

  3. Thanks for this! It's gonna be my first time this year :D

    LA Evan
    Whatever Babe

  4. Thanks for the tips. It will be my first time to join. I didn't get an email, though.

    1. Welcome Jinky! As long as you see your name listed on the bloggers list of Blogapalooza, you're good to go. :)