Feature| Ang batang naka-Ceelin Plus, may Proteksyong Plus!

Have you noticed lasses how the weather somehow is so disagreeable? One day it's too hot and then the next it rains so hard. To add to that, pollution makes it even harder for you and your kids to avoid getting sick. Immunity is a top priority and definitely something which is not negotiable.


As Moms, we always want to make sure that our kids are protected and we would almost anything to ensure that. If you have a school-going toddler like I, then you probably are fearing the worst when they go out, hoping they do not catch anything. We always need to protect our toddler from these aggressive times when eating healthy is just not enough

Ceelin Plus can give that superior protection that your kid needs. Ceelin Plus has Vitamin C plus Zinc which can reduce severity and shorten the time of sickness. Give this to your kid once-a-day and imagine how much your kid will be protected.

What makes Ceelin Plus have a high advantage over other products that offer Vitamin C and Zinc? Ceelin Plus has ZincPlus technology which ensures the right level of Vitamin C and Zinc, so your child is assured of superior protection. 

Ang batang naka-Ceelin Plus, may Proteksyong Plus!
But don't just take my word for it, and allow one of the most trusted mom's in the showbiz industry, tell you herself. Watch the TVC below:

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