Feature| Disney Pixar's Inside Out and why I cried (No Spoiler's here!)

Emotions are a funny thing and it has been always something to wonder about. My life with two toddlers is like getting on a roller coaster while trying to balance a cup of tea. 

We do our best to explain, or name what they are feeling especially when they are having tantrums but after watching Disney Pixar's Inside Out, we knew it did much of a better job of explaining emotions and feelings. 


Imagine a team of emotions in your head balancing everything and sorting how you  should feel in situations. That's what Inside Out is all about. 

Amazingly, my emotions were totally touched by this amazing movie that allowed you to smile, be sad and even cry. 

Thanks to Modworld's Popcorn Club for having Mommy Bloggers Philippines as a media sponsor, this gave me an opportunity to watch Inside Out last August 22 at SM Megamall Cinema 6.
I can assure you that's her happy face!

Modworld's Popcorn Club is an exclusive block screening where ticket holders get extra treats. They got the chance to win prizes from sponsors such as Gluta White/DermPlus, Active Fun, FERN-C, and Enchanted Kingdom. Co-presentors Nissin Yakisoba and Hunt's Sauces sponsored games and gave out prizes to lucky audience members. The wonderful part of this event is that GOPalakas program will benefit greatly as the beneficiary of the blocked screening of Inside Out.

As soon as we entered the cinema entrance, we were greeted by Krispy Kreme and were given donuts, you also get a tub of popcorn and samples from Crayola

This kuya of Krispy Kreme was so enthusiastic while giving out donuts!


After the showing, goodie bags were handed out for every ticket holder, this was a simple way of saying thank you for attending the event where they received products from the event sponsor's and vouchers from Active Fun.

Goodie bags for ticket holder's!

Goodie Bag!

Now, the biggest treat for me was when the movie Inside Out stressed on the importance of acknowledging each and every emotion. Being sad need not be a bad thing and I cried when Riley (the little girl) finally realized what she was feeling and cried everything out. It taught me that I also need to let go of my emotions and not hold it in because we are all just human and we get weak too. *sniff*

Big crowd turn out for Modworld Popcorn Club!

Emotions were high with Modworld Popcorn Club's highly successful event! You can be part of their next event by checking their Facebook page for updates.

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