Review| Amino Fres - C: Juicy, Yummy and loaded with Benefits!

What's your drink junkie lasses? I am an admitted as well as self-confessed Tea and Juice junkie. I love the soothing taste of tea while juice is always my refreshing go-to thirst quencher rather than a sugar loaded soda. 

Amino Fres-C

When I heard about Ajinomoto's Amino Fres-C and that it's loaded with benefits for your budding student, I was very enticed to try it out. 

We all know that a healthy diet, vitamins and exercise is what can help your kid stay strong to prepare them to handle the stress that they may get from their studies. As moms, you kinda are obligated to make sure that they are enriched with the nutrients to help them grow and sometimes your kids get tired of the same old baon. 

I put the 3 flavor's that Amino Fres-C comes in, to the test. Taste is definitely important and what I would be looking for in a juice drink is definitely freshness. I also had my two most important team members: The Boss and My Princess, to take the taste test and see if it passed their standards. Although, I wasn't able to take photos of them drinking but they surely loved it since my princess and bossing keeps asking for more. 

Amino Fres-C is available in 3 flavors


Each pack contains BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) with Glutamine and Arginine. These are types of Amino Acids which are building blocks of protein that maintain energy levels, support muscle group and repair and toughen your kids immune system. 

For adults, you'll be happy to know that Amino Fres-C contains 70% less calories compared to other juice brands. 
Nutrition facts

So let me share my review of Amino Fres-C with you:

What I liked: 
    Taste - specifically the Mango Flavored variant. Out of the three, I could seriously taste as though I was eating an actual sweet mango. Pineapple and Orange also gave a good taste of juice, Orange tasted more of ponkan. I am just more of a Mango enthusiast.
    Price - Truly affordable at only a suggested retail price of 8PHP per 1 liter pack!! And One pack is equivalent to 5-6 glasses of juice, that's like only around 30 cents per serving!
    Calories - perfect for the moms and dads who are watching their calorie intake. 
 What could have been better:
    Solubility - I found it a little hard to dissolve the powder mix even though I used room temperature water
    I feel this could be a better alternative to the current juice powder mixes that are available in the market. It's totally a plus for me that they have considered the calories in a a juice drink. Since their could be kids that are needing to watch theirs. 
You may purchase Amino Fres-C from leading supermarkets and sari-sari stores.

Now that you have the drink, you might need some baon options, 
try these recipes out for your kids packed lunch or even for the whole family:

Check Ajinomoto Philippines website for more recipes!


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