Feature| Needing an MP3 Player? Try Ensogo Philippines!

My hubhub and I are both avid music followers and we both have such a diverse library. Good thing that we have met in the middle with RnB since they usually produce feel good songs. 

We agree that listening to the right song can set your mood for the day. I usually place on my pair of headphones to get me to work in a bright mood and using my phone for everything, like blogging, social media and music is just a little too much. 

Ensogo mp3 
And then I came by these cute MP3 players on Ensogo Philippines that is selling for only 99PHP! These are the perfect choice for my hubhub when he wants to listen to music while working out. I also can feel perfectly comfortable switching to another song without having to flash my phone. 

This mp3 players just needs a microSD card for you to save and play music, what you get aside from the player itself is a USB cable, headset and a manual. 

You can check out more details here and also directly place an order for this cute MP3 player. I just did and will review this soon for you!

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