Personal| The True Life of A BPO Mom

For those that have never worked for the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, you probably think you know what goes on. 
There will always be the judgement of others who don't know but for those like I , who have been working in this industry since the beginning of motherhood then it's time to tell what a real BPO mom is like. I was inspired to write this, to salute the moms that work for this industry.

"Kapag nasa call center, malaki sweldo.."
"Malamang nagyoyosi yan..."
"Siguro mahilig yan magkape..."
"Sus, baka may lalake yan sa opisina.."
"Ah yun, madalas yan di sumisipot sa inuman pagkatapos ng shift..."
We are the moms that wonder how to work around a schedule where it involves having time with your kids, running off to the grocery, sleeping, and getting to work on time. 

We constantly think of extra ways to earn because the net pay barely gets us through the next payday. You can see us selling baked goods, clothing, make-up, accessories and anything else that would  entice other BPO employees. It's like another job and that extra money is put either to Ate's new shoes, Kuya's field trip or bunso's vaccination. 

We stress on how we can get to work when our kids have a high grade fever hitting that 39 degree mark, slugging ourselves to work because we have no choice or we might lose our job because of the disciplinary action form that is waiting for us for other absences and tardy instances we committed because the kids weren't well. 

We constantly worry about the schedules assigned to us because we might not be able to work around it, with the need to take the kids to school, attend their meetings or get them to a therapy session. 

We cry every time the nanny did not return from their rest day not knowing how can we get to work, to whom do we leave the kids with again for the nth time. 

We get 4 to 6 hours of sleep everyday , and 6 is a luxury number and this will be for the next 15 years or so because you want to make sure that your kids are getting to school on time and you still have enough time to tutor them. 

We called "killjoy" for not joining the next drinking session or team building, because we aren't sure if we have enough money to sustain that extra curricular need or do we have time to succumb to that invite and yet still get to stay up with the kids. 

And then there are the co-workers who will never understand your disposition and judge you anyway. 

To all those BPO moms out there who feel the same way, we are truly the heroes of this industry and you might be a BPO dad who is experiencing the same thing then I truly applaud you. 

Here are some true BPO moms: 
I am a mom under pressure but I maintain balance in career, child-care and self-care. A BPO job is fairly well-paid but having a sideline of the Car buy-and-sell market as well as accepting made-to-order jewelries, gives me more security with raising my children.
- Anna, Call Center Agent


I don't get to be with my son everyday because of work but i see to it that we have our mommy and son dates every weekend as well as help him with his homework. 
- Maui, Call Center Agent


I work in the BPO industry on weekdays and every Saturday, as an English instructor for TESDA. The secret to still having time as a mother is "sacrifice". I'd rather have just a few hours of sleep and more to spend with my princesses, than a lot of time to rest and not be a mom to my kids for a day. Spending time with your children is way better than just spending money on them.
- Alyss, Call Center Agent.


My schedule works for my husband and I, I get to have time with my chinita princess. I work as a team leader and I make sure that I manage my time as I can't extend my working hours since I have to be home on time. I also have an online shoes business for extra income. Once I'm home, I'll chit-chat with my husband for a little while, then prepare for breakfast. I attend to my daughter's needs, when she is settled that's when I get to have time with my online business. It's not easy but it's worth it. I learned that time is really valuable and golden.
 - Ayie, Team Leader


I just thought, Mom's never get that much credit in this industry and they (we) definitely deserve it!

Are you a BPO mom? Share your experiences in the comments below. :)


  1. Ex-BPO mom here! I can so relate Marie! I also did not attend the after work drinking sessions or team buildings and outings preferring to go home to my kids. I struggled with time and sleep and felt guilty. I was willing to make it work when I only had 2 kids but when my 3rd came along the heartache was too much to bear. So I took the leap and I have to say it was the best decision I made. I hope you also find your way to living with less stress and worry Marie. :)

    1. Wow! I didn't know you were a BPO mom Louisa! I have a stress buster now in the form of dancing. :)

  2. (Former) BPO mom here! :) Your post is true to the core, it brought back so many memories. Aside from your list, my other worry then is being 'shipped' to provincial sites for projects. Ayaw ko!!

    Another thing is not being able to see my husband because of schedule differences. We had to work around it. It came to a point he slept for 4 hours only because he'd still pick me up at work at midnight para lang magkasama kami. Thankfully I resigned na after 8 months or else we would have been strangers na.

    1. Hay, I also wish to be in your shoes someday Kat. :)