Feature| Ready, Set, Show! Mini Play of Mav's Talents and concert of Gwyneth Dorado

I am a stage play fanatic. I grew up with literature and watching plays since most of my education was in the United Kingdom. 


I was totally disappointed that I had to turn down a few invites to watch stage plays since it didn't fit within my schedule and I was delighted that Mavic Lao of Mav's Talent Management invited me to watch the recital of her talents plus the mini-concert of Asia's Got Talent Finalist Gwyneth Dorado who I admired a lot during the run of the show. 

Ready, Set, Show! was held at Teatrino Theater Greenhills last October 10, 2015. Mav's Talent Management runs a summer workshop and this is their output. They performed a mini stage play entitled "Away-Bata". 

Gelo Villaflores and Peggy Rico (middle of photo)

The whole cast of Away Bata

I was particularly fond of the performances of Peggy Rico who plays Ige, the new maid and the performance of Gelo Villaflores who plays Gelo, Ita's blind son. I found their performance flawless and they kept their character throughout the play. Out of all the performers, they definitely left an impression with me. 

We also got to witness the additional talents that they have which includes singing and dancing and you couldn't help but tap or sing along. 

Gwyneth Dorado during her opening song of Prayer
Of course the highlight of the show was watching Gwyneth Dorado's mini concert of thanks. She has just recently signed up with Star Music and with her clean, soothing voice - I am sure that she will capture the hearts of many. I was totally mesmerized as she sang songs like Jennifer Hudson's "You're Gonna Love Me" and the hit from Pitch Perfect 2: "Flashlight". 

The workshop of Mav's Talent Management aims to develop the inner performer of it's members and with the numerous projects that Mavic has given to her talents these being handled by are given an opportunity for success. 

Mavic of Mav's Talent Management

You may be interested to have your kid's enroll in her summer workshops and you can do so by contacting them via email: mavs_prod.team@yahoo.com or calling 02-9047327. You can also contact Mav's Talent Management via Facebook here

See more photos and videos of Ready, Set, Show! here.

Away Bata 
Written by: Arien Santos
Sounds Engineer: Yordy Cui
Lighting Director: Tony Esteban
Production Design: Julie Anuddin
Directed by: Mavic Lao

* Peggy Rico - as Ige
* Jessa Padilla - as Ita
* Christin Nabata - as Jirei
* Nico Wagas - as Raprap
* Geramay Sanders - as Gera
* Angel Villaflores - as Angeline
* Alexa Nofuente - as Alexa
* Joshua Nubla - as Joshua
* Gelo Villaflores - as Gelo

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