Event| Blogapalooza Seasons: Happy 3rd time for Mamanee!

The most anticipated blogging event was not to miss! Every season, veteran and newbie blogger looks forward to Blogapalooza EVERY year. Why? Because it gives every blogger an opportunity to promote their blog and to connect with brands.

This was proudly my 3rd year to join and I also anticipated the day of joining the biggest Business to Blogger event ever. You can read about my first and second experience.


This year Blogapalooza turned up a notch by applying a theme and they decided to call this year's event Blogapalooza Seasons. Sectioning businesses into four different seasons it was a walk through a blogging fairyland.

Like every year, I had my choices of  favorite booths and I can say that as a blogger trying to connect with brands - I am totally satisfied.

My main aim was to get some attention for my blog in hoping to develop fruitful collaborations and partnerships, and the aftermath of Blogapalooza Seasons has definitely set my path to my goal.

Before heading off I made sure I equipped myself with the needed weapons to conquer.

Powerbanks, Notebook, pen, calling cards and a camera (which I forgot the battery - bummer)
I left before 9am and got to One Esplanade with no sweat before 10am yet it was already in full swing!

Blogapalooza went digital with the registration, you were asked to sign in via the iPads and then you were issued an ID.


Going in felt like fairy tale land with the very imaginative displays of the 4 seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.

Vince Golangco (Business Director of Blogapalooza)

Here are the booths I visited (apologies for the photo spam!) and was able to interact with:

1. Regroe

Because I have wrote about this brand before I wanted to meet the people behind this trusted name. I was then treated to a free hair and scalp consultation and I was so happy to know that so far my hair is healthy!

One of faves last year too, I played their love lock game and won this beer holder! Perfect for the hubhub! They also gave away discount cards. :)


3. Chemworld Fragrance Factory

I have been seeing their store on the 2nd Floor of Shopwise but have yet to go in. Gladly I learned that they hold perfume making workshops for only 500PHP! An investment which can turn into a business!

I am truly a patron of Hotel Sogo, there have been a few times where I have checked in solo due to events and this included the Mrs. Philipines - Globe 2014 Pageant where I rested in their Guadalupe branch being it near to BGC. 


5. Food Panda

They were also present last year and this time they had more fun games bloggers to enjoy. I love Food Panda especially on those hunger-pang-lazy type of days.


6. Hotel Quickly

I have heard about this app from fellow bloggers and they boast of having a quicker booking service with cheaper rates. Can't wait to try out!


7. John Robert Powers

I have heard of John Robert Powers and their personality development courses since I was in College. It would be interesting to find out what new course they have. 

8. Aquabest

Known for providing clean and healthy water to their customers, they now have a machine which you can purchase for your home and convert regular water into Alkaline Water!

Pretty neat right?

9. Snipe

One of my favorite booths! I loved their "fan the leaves game". It's a new app where it allows you to get the latest deals around your area. Perfect for those that love going to the mall. 


10. Flawless

Last year their pink booth caught so much attention and this year did absolutely the same! Especially with their mini golf putting game, truly gave bloggers their sporting side a run. I was so sad though that this year I didn't get to catch Maxene Magalona. :(


11. Chips Delight

They surely made a winter feel with their Christmas Themed booth. I love Chips delight and their booth attendants matched the feel of their booth by being so jolly. I got a free pack of Brownie Crunch.


12. Prestiz & BitDefender

Prestiz offers entertainment gadgets like LED TV's and speakers, great quality that can match popular brands but less the price.

Bit Defender was showcasing their Anti-Virus protection packages. This is a familiar name to me and I am very excited to try one of their products which I will get to write about soo.


13. Grand Videoke

Talk about colorful! I'm sure very blogger who dropped by to sing surely had fun. I just didn't have the guts to sing hahaha.


14. Robert Kiyosaki  - Live In Manila

Well he wasn't actually there but the staff was promoting his upcoming event which will be held on November 30, 2015 entitled Masters Of Wealth. I love financial talks, since I believe every needs to prepare for the future. They also was promoting the board game "Cashflow" which reminded me of Monopoly. 


Cashflow Board Game

15. Bambu

The company behind Ipanema, Rider and Grendha. They have so many sale events and interesting designs, that I would definitely be interested to promote them. 


See those cute ballet flats?? To die for!

16. JB Music 

The most talked about booth due to their simple Photobooth set up yet they invited guests like Urbundub, Kamikazee and Ebe Dancel (Vocalist and guitarist of Sugarfree) to pose with the bloggers. They also hold songwriting workshops which I hope to get to spread the word about. I am so musically inclined and tried so many instruments yet haven't found my "one" yet. Hoping that the Ukelele will be my long lost soulmate.

Ebe Iya Mamanee

17. Sosro Fruit Tea

The most interactive booth within Blogapalooza! You start of by registering then choosing your stress (mine was taxes hahaha) then you get a free caricature drawn on the spot by one of their artists. 

I am excited to write about their product soon!


My brother (who is now a blogger!) getting his caricature done. :)

18. Ace Water Spa and Hotel

Present every year, they are very generous with PR kits and vouchers to entice the bloggers to try out their services. Before the year ends, I might just take up on their offer. :)

I found a snowman!

19. The Diff 

Starting only at 445PHP you can get a customized mobile case with your own design or pick from the original designs from their in-house artists. 


20. Project Headshot Clinic

I absolutely made sure that I would drop by their booth since I have been a fan even during Multiply days . I was lucky enough to talk and meet with the one and only Niccolo Cosme with which we share a common friend. 

He aims to promote advocacies in the most unique way and this included the main hashtag of Blogapalooza Seasons 2015 #ResponsibleMedia. 

HeadShot Clinic
With Niccolo Cosme

Talk about a fun way to take photos with these cool looking beings. If you are on the lookout for a adrenaline rush and getting locked in a room for 45 minutes with themes like Clown House and The Walking Dead gives you the thrills then you need to sign up! 
I'll pass hahahahahaha. 


I wasn't able to grab as many freebies nor play the games much, but what I really loved was the fact that I was able to talk to a lot of the booth attendants and receive emails from them after, truly my goal in mind. :) 

Can't get over my cute little Thor plush toy!

A big thank you to the team of Blogpalooza for painstakingly planning and putting together bloggers and businesses together. 
Each and every year I attend, Blogapalooza challenges me to make my blog better.

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