Feature| More Exciting Privileges For EQ Baby Club Members!

If you are a mom, I am sure that you have tried one of the variants of EQ Diapers. I have also been an EQ Diaper consumer since it definitely has done it's job for my kids at an affordable price. You know me...affordable is definitely the way!

So if you are an EQ Diaper Mommy, I am also sure that you have saved the wrappers and joined the EQ Baby Club right? 


If this is true, which I hope - then you are in for a treat!

Motherhood will just about to get more rewarding with the partnership of EQ Baby Club with selected merchants for exclusive perks and privileges!

These will be both for Mommy and baby which I am sure you will enjoy! There are varieties of Fashion, lifestyle, food and leisure brands that will give out discounts and freebies to EQ Baby Club Members that will present their EQ Baby Club ID in these participating establishments.

Want to know more? Become a member by purchasing either of  the EQ Diaper variants (EQ Dry, EQ Plus and EQ Colors) and register online here or via selected on-site registration booths you may see at malls and supermarkets. 


EQ Diapers has just made it better for it's loyal Mommies, by providing quality and affordable diapers as well as giving rewards, privileges and discounts. 

Enjoy the perks and like EQ Baby Diapers Facebook Page for updates and more details.


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