Initial Review| My First Week At Curves

I have just completed my first 3 sessions with Curves Eastwood and I had different experiences for each. 

Working out is definitely a commitment. It's not something to take lightly and you need to have a mind set not to give up. 

Inspiration at Curves!

I was happy to know that Curves was nearby my office which I could easily go to after my shift. Curves Eastwood is located on the 4th floor of Citywalk 2. Which is easily accessible by the car park elevator. 

You get to experience circuit training for women and personalized depending on your first assessment with them.

My 1st session was pretty light and the next day, I felt no pain at all. I felt energized and I didn't sweat that much. 

Day 1 Selfie!

Session 2 was a total different story, Curves Coach Tessa invited Iya and I to try out the Leg Core Workout. My thighs ached in pain for 3 days. My hubhub encouraged me through the pain and said at least I knew the workout was doing it's job. Go Hubhub!

Day 2! Love the quotes on the mirrors!

My 3rd session was low intensity but I felt myself pushing my limits, despite the fact I was short of breath, I still wanted to get to finish my 30 minute workout. I was so grateful that I did. One more push, is  step closer to being healthier and more fit.  

3rd day! Yehey!

Let me show you around Curves Eastwood lasses:

Curves Eastwood
Where the magic happens! The fitness center with hydraulic machines

Stretching area, right after your workout. Hi Glenda of A Beauty Bella!

The locker area.

The other side of the locker area where you can also charge your phone.

Lounge area where you can rest after your workout.

Curves Eastwood
Wash area and the doors are leading to the shower room and separate toilet.
I grew to love the facilities since it is so homey and cozy which is a no-fuss place where you can be yourself.

I also love that everyone is so accommodating, it feels as though I have been working out there for a long time.  

I am excited to see the outcome of my one month with Curves and also to share with you lasses! Wish me luck!

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