Feature| My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More! Bloggers Conference| What did Alden have to say to Maine's Admirer's?

Like I said in a previous post, I'm really not a fan of Tagalog or Filipino movies, but I am giving this movie an exception. 

OK, I am going to admit that I am such a Maine Mendoza fan, even before her "Yaya Dub" days I would stalk her account for new Dubsmash videos. She just had that natural funny bone in her and I loved it. 
So naturally when I received an invite to the Bloggers Conference for the movie My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More! who was I to say no, right? 

It was a very light and fun afternoon getting to know the stars, the director and their thoughts about the movie. 

Unfortunately, my bubble just burst when Maine Mendoza wasn't at the conference but I still enjoyed listening to what they had to say. 

Direk Jose Javier Reyes is in awe of Maine Mendoza's natural acting talent and says that a workshop is workshop but acting would be in you if you are a natural and that's how he see's Maine aka Yaya Dub, his quirky story of how suddenly his nieces and nephew want to watch his shootings all because of Aldub. He sees Maine Mendoza as a smart and intelligent girl.

Alden Richards admits that he never expected the success he is experiencing and is very grateful to all the fans that made Aldub a phenomenon. He now has started to have a house built in Laguna. When asked what is the message that he wants to tell Maine Mendoza's admirers? "Wag muna kayo.. relaks lang kayo". You can tell that there is a genuine care when he says this and obviously fond of Yaya Dub but still reserved. See the video below of his very candid interview.

Vic Sotto is amazingly naturally funny in person and he shares that working with Maine Mendoza in this movie was not in the initial plans but then realized how perfect she would fit, when asked what should the movie viewers expect, he candidly told that the love story of Ai Ai and his as Vito and Cora is the story to look out for. 

Ai ai Delas Alas is absolutely happy to be back on the silver screen especially with Vic Sotto, they both said that it was almost a no-go but gratefully everything fell into place. Ai ai is very happy with her love life now and she says that the best scene to look out for is her love scene with Vic. 

I was very happy to attend my first movie conference and here are some shameless selfies for you:

My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More! | Director Jose Javier Reyes
With the award winning Director Jose Javier Reyes

My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More! Blogger's Conference

It's a no brainer that My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More! will become another smash hit for Vic Sotto and the box office at the 2015 MMFF (Metro Manila Film Fest) which has been for every movie his production has released. 

Are your ready to witness the movie that will leave smile on your face when you walk out the theater? No heavy drama just happy thoughts for this movie.  Watch it this in cinemas on December 25!

My Bebe Love poster


My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!  is jointly-offered by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Television Productions, Inc., APT Entertainment, GMA Films and Meda Production.

Also features Joey de Leon, the “Eat Bulagalolas Paolo Ballesteros, Jose Manalo, and Wally Bayola, and Ryzza Mae Dizon, in special appearances.  



  1. Wow! My husband is quite a fan! Like you I think Maine is really funny!:)

  2. hahaha i need to brush up on this, such a big hit w everyone

  3. Sorry to say this but I am not a fan though I love Maine for being so humble and hindi maarte. She deserves this big break.

    1. She truly does, I believe Aldub fan or not she has won the hearts of many!

  4. I don't follow much the Aldub but I watch their kalyeserye whenever I can. I see Maine as a very genuine and lovely girl. This will be a hit this coming MMFF :)

  5. Im not really a fan of aldub and the love team behind it...perhaps im just too busy with sooo many things, i was so left behind already! Lol! But my daughter loves yaya dub and i think we'll be watching that!

  6. I think Maine is a pretty girl and very talented too, while Alden is very charming and as talented. I am not a fan of KalyeSerye though. I hope these two can move on and make really good projects together.

  7. I'm sure this will be a hit with Aldub fans. I'm not really familiar with it though. I just know that it's popular with a lot of Pinoys. :)

  8. Seen a few Kalye Serye episodes and I find Maine cute. Kakilig sila ni Alden. Iihihi. Ive heard a number of stories re her humility and kindness, too. She deserves this break, I think. My mom is also a fan of Aldub and for sure, she will drag me to watch this movie. Ihihi.

    1. Hehe How cute of your Mom! I'm sure she will enjoy it much. :)

  9. Im a fan from Day 1 of AlDub until now! Our family plan to watch this on the 25th too =)