Personal|10 Things All Marriages Can Learn from Popoy and Basha

If you ask those that I hang out with a lot, I am seriously not a fan of Filipino movies. I usually find them over rated and predictable. 

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Almost everyone around me was blabbing on about the movie of Popoy and Basha: A Second Chance, which I just could not relate to. 

During my clinic check up, the trailer was playing on the television and I felt I needed to watch the rest, so I shamelessly asked my husband if we could watch hahahaha. 

And I have to say that I cried, not because the story was great but moreover because I could see my husband and I, in many of the scenes. 

So I believe that there are things we could learn from Popoy and Basha: 

1. Always be ready to say Sorry. Yes, even if it isn't your fault. You owe each other an apology if there was one of you that got hurt with what one had said.

2. Love for eachother should be your main core. Happiness will not always be present in a marriage but it has to be the love that should be your central nerve as a couple. 

3. Tell eachother problems especially if they will affect you as a family or couple. "Ayoko masaktan ka..." "Baka maapektuhan ka lang..." "Ganyan kase magiging reaction mo..." You may be looking out for your spouse but nothing is more worse than having to find out issues from someone else. 

4. Make and spend time with each other. You as husband and wife MUST have alone time. Away from the kids, away from your daily errands - just you enjoying each other. It helps to rekindle the kilig and the appreciation you have as a couple.

5. Your spouse is not your enemy. You fight and you then immediately think that your spouse and you are in a war. It is just an argument, misunderstanding or miscommunication, this can be fixed with rationale. 

6. Always reassure your spouse. Men and women both need to be reassured that there is no one else that can replace anyone in your life. It's this security that gives one a reason not to stray.

7. When the going gets tough, take a breath and remember the reason you got married. Recall that feeling? You were both on cloud nine, happy and you felt that nothing could get in the way of how you felt. Let that feeling remind you why you married in the first place and not the problems that are showing up now.

8. Talk things out. If you sleep on the problem or issue, you'll wake up with that same feeling. It's ok to take a breather but always talk it out with your spouse before you call it a day.

9. Take advice from married friends. I'm not saying single friends are bad, I'm just saying that your single-bitter friends may add fuel to the fire. Advice is best taken from those that can relate or have been through the same ordeal.

10. Do not take walking away as the first option. Leaving should never be an option, remember saying "For better or for worse.." was not an option. It's an obligation to each other, that you promised. 

Whenever I go through some tough times with my marriage, I pray it out, cry it out. I'm not a perfect wife or mother and I am still learning how marriage works.

Marriage is never easy, it will be one of the toughest battles you have to face next to parenting. Your vows are not just part of the wedding ceremony but actually a promise to each other for a lifetime.