Personal| The Great and Not-So Great Things of My 2015

I was thinking that I didn't really want to write this post since my 2015 was not the great year I hoped for. Yet I also want to recognize everything that was good and not-so good that I am ready to face 2016 with a fierce smizing look!

I am definitely making sure my 2016 will be going up in every aspect!

But before I go ahead and say goodbye to 2015 with a salute of thank you. I need to say thank you to all those that I met through blogging, every new person that touched my heart and to the friends that I have through the years. I don't think I could have survived 2015 without each and every one of you. :) My family gets separate hugs hehe.

What went well and the things that stuck:

1. Blogging Duties - I had a pretty great blogging year, I managed to close a deal with my favorite high school arts and craft store Papemelroti, meeting in person Patsy. I was able to work with Hallmark, Ensogo Philippines, Scholastic Books, VitaCubes, Kerygma Books, Nutri10Plus, Strike and Love Hope Faith

2. Meeting and seeing Celebrities - I experienced sitting at one table with great celebrities: Amy Castillo, Tart Carlos and Ogie Alcasid, saw Vic Sotto with Ai Ai Delas Alas and the great Director Jose Javier Reyes up close, as well as danced with Jill Ngo and met the super talented Gywneth Dorado. I am such a smitten fan girl.

3. Fulfilling a duty to my late son - After a whole year of planning with the help with some very reliable friends, we had the chance to share the gift of smiles at the PGH Children's Ward through my small organization called Smile For Hutch. 

What could have been better:

1. Health - My health totally sucked this year. I got sick several times and got bed ridden for different reasons. The worst was this December, I caught a bad viral infection which brought down my vitals and made my blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol go up. Which is pretty ironic, since I am sch a health conscious lass! So well for eating healthy right? Haha.

2. Relationships - I burnt a few bridges since I am the type of person that just cannot pretend to like people. My marriage wasn't great either last year and I was tested to my limits as a wife. 

3. Career - I didn't get to meet my goal of improving my role nor meeting my stats. Although, I got the chance to mentor trainers, I still felt a little empty for my individual role. 

What's the deal now:

I'm recognizing my failures from 2015 and will learn from each. I have a clearer goal financially and also know what I want for my family, my career and definitely my health. 

I will continue to blog with my heart as long as people read my posts, I may not have 1,000 plus followers but I also believe the saying "quality over quantity". 

Oh, and I will still make Oreo truffles LOL. 


So lasses, I hope this inspires you at least 
to accept whatever 
was not-so good about 2015 and rock your 2016's year socks off!


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