Review| Belle De Jour 2016 Power Planner

Ever since I discovered the Belle De Jour Planner, I have been hooked. This is my third year with buying the planner and I have never looked back. 

There are many planners on the market but I feel that this is the planner that suits my personality the best.

BDJ Planner

So let's take look at this years' Belle De Jour Planner and I hope it will help you decide that this may be your best choice too. :)

For 2 years I have been buying the spiral version and this year I decided to go hardbound. I usually keep this planner for everything but this year, I plan to keep it as personal planner and keeping my work planner separate. I also created my own blogger planner for organization. I purchased mine at National Book Store for 598Php, they have a set up near the cashiers.

I have a lot of personal goals this 2016 and I know the Belle De Jour Planner is going to keep me on track. 

Pages are jam packed and colorful, like it keeps calling you back to write or place in an entry and I really love how they have kept the coupons separate again which keeps it neat. 

Let me show you what's inside :)

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
Monthly calendar

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
Daily Calendar for important reminders 

I honestly love how this planner is all about self empowerment 
and affirmation, you get a dose of it every month. 

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
Your monthly empowerment 

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
Positive thinking helps you get through trials. :)

Your finances are truly important, and you keep track successfully 
by using these pages.

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
A Smart Bella Plans ahead and pays the bills on time!

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
My favorite page this 2016 - to become financially successful!

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
There is nothing wrong with spending, as long as you are doing it right!

Personal reminders to help you along make your life a little more easier.

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
To live your life to the fullest goals are always a way to go as well as listing things that you make you happy!

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
ALL women need this to make sure you got your vacation on the right date plus doctor appointments need not be trouble with remembering these important dates.

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
Do you ever get that problem of not knowing what to wear to work or that important event?
This is a cool page to help you out. :)

Here are just few of the perks that you will get!

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
Your Belle De Jour Card comes with the planner for your exclusive discounts, event access and freebies!

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
Coupons galore!

Belle De Jour Planner 2016
Stickers and something new with this cute magnetic marker! No more using paper clips to mark my page. Whopee!

I really hope that this gave you an idea what you can get out of buying the Belle De Jour Planner and see the perks that bella's get! Don;t forget that this planner also gives you access to Belle De Jour Planner events as well. :)

You can also purchase the planner online here.
Sign up at their website to get in the know with their latest events and offers. 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review in any way 
and the views as well as opinions expressed here are my own.


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