Upcoming| Ants Tribe: Get Your Shoe Fix and Rewards Too!

I rely a lot on Online Shopping, mainly because I like the convenience of browsing on my phone or laptop and then discovering a great find. I don't mind the shipping fee since you pay for the convenience of it being sent right to your doorstep.

The great thing though about shopping at a retail outlet though is that if you have a rewards card, you earn points and get to use those points for your future purchases.


Now, meet Ants Tribe. The e-commerce site that will actually let you do the same that retail stores have to offer. The more you shop, the more coins you earn, you earn candy and you get to use the candy to take advantage of a discount off your next purchase, pretty cool right?

Now you are asking, so what are they selling? Your best friend lasses...Shoes! Ants Tribe offers, heels, kitten heels, dainty flats and sneakers.

Look at these lovely pink heels, for those kikay days!

How about these basic flats for your casual days?

Feeling sporty but want to be fashionable? Love these sneakers!

Items of Ants Tribe are made in China from the same manufacturers of Global big brands with the same quality but less of the price tag. Ranging from 699php to 1599php, you will definitely find your shoe mate with designs similar to Valentino, Roger Vivier, and Tori Burch.

I am excited to share my shopping experience with you when they launch their e-commerce site soon!

So stay tuned and give them a like at the their Facebook page and follow their Instagram account for more announcements and promos.


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