Review | Easter Kiddie Party at B Hotel: An Easter To Remember!

How was your Easter lasses? Did you get to have a long weekend to reflect with your families? Hope yours was great ad meaningful too.

I mostly stayed at home with the family and then had the chance to visit our first Easter Party with my little lass! 

I was so happy that we were invited to the first Easter Kiddie Party event of  the new B Hotel in Timog, Quezon City.

I wasn't sure what to expect since I haven't had the opportunity to join such an event yet, so I felt a little excited - maybe even more than my daughter haha.

We got there at 11am which was the start of the event, it was to be held in their Grand Ballroom. We were greeted by a flight of stairs leading to a spacious lobby which was modernly designed in the industrial feel, pretty loved it so far.

Lovely set up!

Alighting the elevator we registered and led to the Grand Ballroom, there were only a few guests seated at the big round tables, sponsor booths and activity areas for the kids set up. It turned out to be a advantage to be early since we got to choose seats near the stage and the little lass got to try out the activities avoiding long lines!

Sausages wrapped in bacon, spaghetti, Fish fillet, Chocolate cake and Carrot Cake.

For the kids there was a petting area with rabbits, hamsters and colored chicks, a glitter tattoo and face paint booth from the Kiddie Party Authority, Gymboree Play Area and a Playdoh Activity area.

My little lass getting a glitter tattoo from Kiddie Party Authority

Fluffy Bunnies! We got to take one home !

For the moms, Free Hand Spa from Mary Kay Cosmetics, Booths from Ysa Skin Care Center and The Zen Institute

For 888Php per head, I really feel that it was worth the price with the fun that the event provided for both the kid and parent. 

Chubby Bunny Game for the dads and brothers

A program was also prepared with parlor games for the kids and dads! The kids also had an amazing time watching the Magic Show. 


The star of the show of course was the actual egg hunt where the kids got candies and won Toy Kingdom items with specially marked eggs!

We stayed for the whole event from 11AM to 4PM, that's how much fun it was.

So here's my traditional list of likes and things that could have been better:

What I liked:
  • Less Stress - The Grand Ballroom was not overly big, which was a advantage since I could let the little lass roam around to the different activity areas without having to worry. No more following and standing for long periods. She would just tell me where she would go and I would have a clear sight where she was.
  • Buffet - I liked that the food prepared had both the kid and parents in mind. From Salad to Spaghetti, sausages, chicken, with cake and fruits for dessert, it was definitely a good choice.
  • Ticket Price - It was definitely budget friendly! I was in a conversation with another mom (who I regretfully didn't get her name) who had been attending Easter Parties at other hotels and chose the B Hotel since it was nearby and the most affordable. 
  • Activities - The little lass was very happy with the activities which kept he busy throughout the event. 
  • Staff - They were accommodating and very friendly.
  • Arrangement & Styling - It was easy to move around, the place was a no fuss set up and nothing overboard. 
What Could have been better:
  • Preparation of Booths - There were 2 booths that were late with setting up and it was a little distracting especially one of them was for the kids. 
  • Host - I liked that she was lively but I was mostly a little put off since she was was wearing a cap that covered her eyes a bit. I think it's important that as a host your face is visible especially if you are working with kids.  
My Overall Thoughts:

The B Hotel Easter Kiddie Party Event, although a little rough on the edges since it was their first time, was definitely a blast and something to look forward to next year! It was definitely stress free for me and I loved that everyone went home with a big smile on their face! Both parents and kids are guaranteed a great time with great food and a whole lotta prizes to take home.

Mamanee & the wee lass!

If you want to see more photos of what happened on the kids end, do visit my little lasses post here.

Please do like B Hotel's Facebook page for updates with their latest events and also if you are interested to book their suites.


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