Part 2 Review | Hotel H2O: Your kid Addicting Staycation

So here's the seriously overdue second part of my full review of the very popular Hotel H2O

The first part I shared with you my customer experience, now let's see what else I encountered on my birthday stay-cation.

There are 3 souvenir shops within Manila Ocean Park, one located near the main entrance, one beside the reservations office and one on the 2nd floor. They sold t-shirts, stuffed toys, mugs, magnets, ballers and other toys to serve as a remembrance of your stay and  there were was also a mini tiangge near the 4D game area (ground floor), pretty convenient if you needed a change of clothes or just want to shop. 


The 2nd floor is where the Makan Makan Village restaurant is located and the famed Yzekel's Toy Museum which greeted you with a full mural of minions! 

My husband bought a hotel package that included two tickets to the Symphonic Fountain Orchestra, since the weather was pretty bad we decided that I would go alone, what a great decision that was when I did since it was a "buwis-buhay" sort of weather. 

The Amazing Dancing Fountain

When I arrived at the entrance of the show it was almost full, free light raincoats were being handed out and I was wearing a lacey light peach dress given by my trainees which made me decide to get one. I was so happy I did, the wind was in full effect, rain was on going and the actual show would "spray" you. While watching I was shivering and still contemplating if I should finish the show or not, I felt I was in Eastwood City with the dancing fountain. There were some oohs and ahhs especially when the fountain would shoot up water so high in the sky like literally taller then the hotel building itself! Still pretty to watch, do expect to get somehow wet though especially if there is wind. Tip: Get there early and don't sit in the lower area if you are not wanting an unplanned shower. 

That ended my day pretty much and I decided to cap it off with a Caramel Macchiato from Green Bean to calm my shivers. 

Took that well-deserved shower after the Dancing Fountain show

The rest of night was dedicated to a family snuggle in bed and some TV while munching on chips. 

He could stare at those fishes for the whole day.

The super comfy bed, a jumping kid and happy faces!

Doesn't this make you feel relaxed?

Checking-out of the hotel was much more of a breeze, except that we were told we had ordered room service even though we had not. I wonder how they track their delivered room service? After straightening out the confusion with the room service we were on our way home - finally. 

The hubhub and I though had to struggle with the two kids balling their eyes out in the cab since they didn't want to leave!! Yep, they totally got addicted to the room.

In the tradition of all my reviews here is my low down on the 4-Star Hotel H2O

What I liked: 
  • Clean comfy beds with lots of pillows - This made it feel so luxurious. 
  • Friendly staff from front desk to bellboys - they would always greet, smile and speak to you with courtesy.
  • Room ambiance - It was very relaxing, took the whole family away from the bustle of the city life. The built in wall aquarium just bought the word stay-cation to another level. It's like you are under the sea!

What could have been better: 
  • Customer service care - Yes, they were friendly. I was just disappointed since I had sent them an email prior to our stay, they initially replied with an offer that if I needed the contact person then I just have to look for him at the front desk, after me replying back - I got no further responses and when I did attempt to look for the contact person he had already left for the day.
  • Store availability - also my husbands woe. If you are hungry in the middle of the night, don't expect to find an open coffee shop nearby and since fast food delivery is not allowed (you need to go to the main entrance of the Hotel to get your food) it was a little inconvenient. 
  • Signage's visibility - I always look forward to the hotel pool and I seriously had no idea where to find it. I didn't feel like asking (this is also at my fault) but usually hotels would have a clear signage of where to locate their pool. 

We actually are planning to go back but with an actual better stay-cation plan. 
The reason why we would is because of the rooms itself and the fact that it is right behind Luneta Park which really makes it convenient to take the kids to in summer. Boo for the typhoon on that day.

Beautiful view, horrible weather but a perfect moment. ♥


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