Review + Give - Away| Euky Bearub: More Effective Vapor Rub for Kids

You know for a fact that if your toddler had a cold or cough, your best vapor rub to make sure it would be safe would be that bottle of Aceite De Manzanilla.

When I was asked to see how Euky Bearub would fair, I didn't think twice and took the challenge.


The product itself came in a tube and that impressed me since usually vapor rubs would come in tubs and you would get product in your fingernails. Urgggh! Don't you just hate that and it's so hard to wash off from your hands!

The Euky Bearub came just in time since the little boss had a cough. This product is safe for kids 2 years old and above. I used the rub on his back and chest, massaging it in gently, surprisingly he fell asleep soundly after. The next day his cough improved. :)

I also had the hubhub rub Euky Bearub on my back when I had a cough and I also used it on my chest. After 2 days, of using Euky Bearub before I slept in the evening, I felt better. I even asked my hubhub to massage my lower back using the rub and I would always feel relief after a nap.

Euky Bear Rub
It's many uses and ingredients.

Euky Bear Rub
Quick absorbing and non-greasy after feel.

Amazingly, it worked pretty quick for the little boss and I, but of course the results may not be the same for you. Both of our coughs were mild at the time.

So here's my review:


What I liked:
Scent - The Eucalyptus scent was not overpowering but definitely relaxed you. No wonder I would fall asleep right away afted a massage and same for the little boss. 

Packaging - the easy squeeze tube makes it a delight to use the product. There's more control and it goes directly into your palm and not your nails. 

Absorption - it definitely absorbed well into the skin even though it's an ointment and there was no greasy feel on the hands after. 

Ingredients- Euky Bearub has Eucalyptus Oil,Eucalyptol, Menthol,Camphor and Rosemary Oil. Avoiding harsh ingredients it is gentle for most sensitive skin. 

Different Uses - You can use Euky Bearub as a chest rub, to rub on insect bites, for muscular pain and placing 2 teaspoonfuls in a bowl of hot water will allow you to usd it as a vapor inhaler. The rub is not only great for toddlers but for adults too (as I have tested myself)!


What could have been better:
Availability - Stores are pretty limited with distribution, Rustan's is the biggest chain that carries this brand but it would be nice to have it available in drugstores as well.

Price - For my budget, it's a little pricey, costing 400php per 50 grams but I am sure that for those that have the means, they could easily afford to purchase Euky Bearub and of course it is still a worthy investment. :)

Euky Bear Rub
The trusted health brand from Australia!

Overall Thoughts:
This is definitely an effective rub that can be used for kids and adults. I love the smell and how it works effectively. It's definitely an investment for parents with kids who have sensitive skin. 

So here's the good news my dear lasses Euky Bear Philippines would like to treat you with their products and they are giving away the following to one winner which will be shipped to your home:

1 Tube of Euky Bearub (worth 400Php)
1  Bottle of Blitz Nitz Lice Solution (worth 680Php)
1 Bottle of Blitz Nitz Lice Shampoo (worth 680Php)

So how do you win? 

Winners will be announced on April 25 (Monday) on my Facebook Page!

Euky Bearub and Blitz Lice Shampoo and Solution are being distributed by Koofty Enterprise Inc.You may visit Euky Bear Philippines at the website or Like them on Facebook.


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