Feature| Everyone Likes Change!: The New & Improved Burger McDo!

Everything evolves in this time, gadgets, programs, movies and relationships! Taste and choices mature over time and when you want change - it' not necessarily something totally different but just hoping for something better, right lasses?

I have loved McDonald's ever since I was a kid, and I've seen a lot of changes. So to keep up with these changing times one of their all-time favorite products has changed for the better! 

New and Improved Burger McDo

Your favorite Burger McDo is now better with a beefier and juicier patty, the sauce is now sweeter and tastier and is in your most loved soft bun. 

Want a great burger to celebrate with on the budget? Grab a bite of the new Burger McDo with a drink for only 55php at all McDonald's Stores nationwide!

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Change cannot get any more beefier than this!


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