Savings| Mamanee's Nest Visits Scholastic Summer Book Warehouse Sale

Earlier last month, remember that time I shared with you that Scholastic would be having their Summer Warehouse sale? Well, I took my little lass to the warehouse to get some books! 


We were supposed to attend the reading workshop but I unfortunately arrived late and will have to go back next week. You should go too! For only 300php, your kid will get the to attend with snacks and get to bring home a book, certificate and a build a book pack. You can get the details on how to register for the summer reading workshop by clicking here.

Books were on sale for as low as 20php and unlike last December, there was even display cases outside the warehouse which means more books to choose from!

Newer titles were offered at 15% to 30% off, and there were just too many good books to choose from that we really had a hard to time to make our final choices.

See how many good looking books there are?


We were happy we got to drop by and I can't wait to go back for the reading workshop next Saturday!

The little lass & I, done with buying books!

What we bought home. :)

Here's a sneak peak around the Scholastic Warehouse:

Here's how to get there:

Do you have a favorite Scholastic book? Tell me about it below. :)


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