Event| Mamanee & The Little Lass Goes to Scholastic's Summer Reading Fun

After the wonderful book buying we did the week prior, we decided to return to catch the lass leg of Scholastic's Summer Reading Fun. I was looking forward to it all week since I really would like my little lass to attend a read-out session of story telling. 


It was wonderful to meet the teacher's involved and their advocacy of promoting reading in various schools. Turns out that they offer partnerships with different school's so that they can get more students to see the value of learning through reading. 

"Did you know that Storytelling opens kid's imagination which is important in the development of their brain and also since they are hearing the story told in a fascinating way, inflections of speech and words help develop their vocabulary."

I lve their advocacy since I also grew up with literature as my English subject in school and would have frequent library trips with my younger brother

The Scholastic Summer Reading Fun Workshop is also at their Warehouse but in an air conditioned room which also serves as a library. While the little lass and I waited for the workshop to start we were offered to borrow books from the shelves to read. 

One of the books from the library shelf. :)

While doing so The Walking Photobooth was constantly taking photos which was pretty cool since their service offered unlimited photos and I really like that it was a walking photobooth since they would capture memories as it was happening and not just against a backdrop.

I was oriented that the workshop is divided into two activities. Storytelling and then book building, plus there would be a surprise at the end!

The book for the session was Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems.

I loved the cute story about Toddler Trixie who lost her bunny after a trip to the laundromat yet was too small to talk yet. Teacher Chiqui did a great job of relating the story to my little lass by asking questions and my little lass totally enjoyed it!

After story telling, we were asked to go to the next room for an arts and craft session. She was asked to draw her favorite things then work on a Build A Book. We did the book together and she really liked cutting and pasting.

Build A Book Samples

Teacher Chiqui showing my little lass the Build A Book

The teachers were enthusiastic while telling my little lass that by the end of her activity they have a surprise for her - and the surprise was Kinder Joy!

She squealed in delight! At the same time she was awarded her Certificate of attendance, talk about the wide smile she had on her face while we were leaving.

My little lass and her certificate, promise that's her happy face. :)

I do hope they have another round during their Christmas Warehouse Sale at the end of the year for only 300php they get to join the reading activity, they receive a free book, a Build Me Book, a loot bag filled with snacks from their sponsors and a beautiful certificate of attendance. Easy on the pocket but worth the time and definitely a great investment for your child.



The wonderful teachers of the workshop!

Thank you to the Scholastic Philippines team for creating such a wonderful activity as well as to the very friendly and accommodating teachers and also to Ms. Fritzie for having us!

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