Feature| Ally's All-Day Breakfast: Malingap Branch

Because of a great team performance, we got to be treated by our boss to breakfast. My colleague Ayen wanted to try eating somewhere else other than Eastwood City, so we decided to head off to Ally's All-Day Breakfast as suggested by our Boss.

The place was cute, bright and intimate and at 8am there were a helpful of people eating. I liked the interior since it felt like a morning sunshine garden. 


Ally's All Day Breakfast from the outside, talk about a crowd on an early Friday morning!

Once we were seated, we were handed the menu. My Boss did tell me that the servings were big, and I'm not a heavy eater, so I opted for something light. I ordered the Nestle Crunch Pancrepe


Ally's All Day Breakfast Menu

We were able to place out orders quickly however it was a shame that they didn't have hot tea available at the time, I was a little disappointed. The only option for me to order was Iced Tea or Coffee. I stuck with water this time.

Not long after we received our orders and they definitely smelled and looked delicious.

Daing na Bangus, with Fried Egg and Rice

Ally's All Day Breakfast
Lucban Longganisa - My Boss' choice of dish

My take on the Nestle Pancrepe was that it wasn't as tasty as it looked. My first bites were ok but the longer I ate, I didn't feel the urge to finish it, I actually took it home instead.

Surely, pleasing to the eyes! Ally's Nestle Crunch Pancrepe

But from the reaction of my colleagues with their rice meals they sure looked happy. 

I've eaten at a few breakfast places and I do have to say that Ally's All Day Breakfast does have a pricing advantage but in my opinion, not something entirely that my taste buds would be looking for. 

They also have an advantage in terms of publicity since this is partly owned by former Ateneo Star Athletes Kiefer Ravena and Allysa Valdez.

You can know more about Ally's All-Day Breakfast at their Facebook Page here.

Ally's is also so Instagram worthy!


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