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When your newborn came along, one of the requirements was getting a newborn screening test. I really hated that feeling and experience when my newborn's heel had to be pricked for blood. :( But as a mum, you really had to suck it in for them.

My little lass' feet. Who would want those heels pricked?

Now, if I only knew that we could get the same benefits out of Metascreen with just urine - hands down I would have chosen the latter. it only takes a Metascreen filter paper in your baby's diaper which can be done at home or in the hospital but for accuracy it needs to be done 48 hours after birth and first feeding. Then you air-dry the paper filter and place it into the collection kit, then call Cordlife to pick it up, simple right?


Aside from it being absolutely painless, urine is more accurate than blood because of "metabolites" which are numerous water-soluble organic compounds that are end-products or by-products of cellular metabolism. Since the kidneys remove unwanted or toxic metabolites from the blood, these large amounts are secreted through urine. Blood can detect 50 metabolic conditions whereas urine can detect 100 metabolic conditions.

So why do you need to screen your newborn? It's all about early intervention. With Metascreen you can help to identify potentially life-altering disorders like physical disability and mental retardation. This early detection may help reduce financial burden when the disorders go undetected.


Now of course, it's better to hear from experience so I urge you to check this link about the real life stories.

The great thing is that you get the results in after 2 weeks from the time the specimen was collected.

Painless. Accurate. Timely. 3 words that makes Metascreen the best choice for your newborn screening.

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