Mamanee's Review| Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid: Save more and Do more!

Savings you said? Well count me in! Your trusted multi product manufacturer in the Philippines, KOHL Industries Corporation has an on-going promo with their Dishwashing Liquid Brand: Mighty Mom!

Totally describes you as a mom who needs to clean and wash dishes everyday but still have the ability to catch up on your daily mommy duties. 

Mighty Mom

Maximize your benefits in a dishwashing liquid that is Antibacterial, de-odorizes, cuts grease and keeps those dishes clean!

Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid comes in 3 variants: Kalamansi, Lemon and the newest addition, Vitamin E infused Soft Skin variant.

Here's my thoughts on Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid:

What I liked:
  • Pump Dispenser. I always appreciate a pump dispenser because you get to control the amount of liquid you want to put on your sponge. No waste!
  • Scent. Not too strong. I used the Lemon Variant and it didn't leave any scent on the plates at all.
  • Antibacterial. Lemon + Antibacterial at the same time? For the win!
  • Price. You get various sizes to choose from which makes it affordable and they have an on-going promo of buy 1 and get 2 for 88Php only.
  • Availability. You an purchase from leading supermarkets which makes it easy to buy.
What could have been better:
  • I honestly cannot find what can be better, I did get to wash like 3 large plates, a mug, 5 pieces of cutlery and one serving spoon with a pump of liquid. 
I like Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid as a variant since it's easy to rinse off yet kicks grease well and it's affordability definitely is a plus!

Mighty Mom

Right now SM Supermarkets have a promo for Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid:
  • 500ml bottle with 2 FREE 250ml pouch for 88php
  • 1 liter bottle with pump with 3 FREE  250ml pouch for only 149Php

For Shopwise here's their promo:
  • 750ml bottle with 2 FREE 250ml pouch at 149.75Php
  • 500ml bottle bundled with another 500ml bottle priced at 95Php.

For Robinson's Supermarket:
  • 250ml bottle with 2 FREE 250ml pouch priced at 49.75Php 
So drop by your favorite supermarket to take advantage of these promos!

You can also buy Mighty Mom Dishwashing liquid from the following outlets:
  • Robsinsons Supermarket
  • Shopwise
  • Wellcome
  • Pioneer Center
  • Fisher Supermarket
  • San Roque Supermarket
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*KOHL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION is a Philippine FDA CGMP Certified Manufacturing Corporation and is recognized as a trusted multi-product manufacturer in the Philippines.*


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  1. Now ko lang po yan nakita ah...Pang Mommies tlga na dish washing liquid :D