Personal Thoughts| Hilik Boutique Hostel: What My First Stay Was Like

One thing that most don't know about me is that I am usually what the Filipino's would call a "cow-girl". You can fit me in almost any scene. An opportunity presented itself when I needed to go to Makati to attend an Adarna Storytelling Workshop at our Mother Site which is Convergys One in Makati (which I'll make chikka to you another time). Now for me, going to Makati is one obstacle but having to be there on a Monday at 8AM is another story.

During the week approaching, I started thinking of my best routes anticipating the traffic jam. I was given advice to leave as early as I could, take the MRT and walk. I then came to think, I'd probably look like a soggy chick by the time I go there. With the thumbs up from my hubhub, we agreed that it would be convenient and less stressful if I stayed the night in Makati - but where-to-stay was the question.


I got on Google to try my luck in finding a place that I would be comfortable staying but wouldn't be too pricey, then I came across Hostels. Now, I have never stayed at a hostel before but after reading a few reviews of female solo travelers, I was convinced it was time to cross it off my bucket list (yup, it was there alright). 

With the help of Thet who was a previous colleague she gave me directions on how to get to Ayala Avenue from Poblacion Makati which was the area I was looking at, and I chose a place nearest to the street where the jeepeneys to Ayala pass by. Smack on Makati Avenue was Hilik Boutique Hostel.

I booked a night in a 4 Bed Female Dormitory for 700php and I traveled there on a Sunday evening, feeling a little anxious since it was my first time. Their front desk is open 24/7 so you can check in late if needed. Getting off at Guadalupe MRT, I took jeep to Makati Avenue but it only actually let's you off at the corner of Makati Avenue and JP Rizal Street. I had to walk the rest of the way and thank God for Waze, I was able to get there. 

I scanned the surrounding area and found it pretty cool since it was right opposite A. Venue Mall, near stores like Mercury Drug, Mini-Stop and fast food joints. That gave me comfort knowing I would survive. Turns out that the building was under going renovations so I had to use the side entrance to get to Hilik Boutique Hostel which is on the 2nd Floor of the Building.

When I got to the reception, it was a cozy little place with a dining table to the left and a lounge area with a PC and LED TV on the right. Before me was a group of foreign backpacker ladies who looked a little tired but they were still polite and gave me a little smile after they were done with checking in.


Lounge area

Checking in for me was quick, I gave my name, showed them my booking number, then the guy at the front desk asked for an ID, handed me a piece of paper with the WIFI passwords on it and I was escorted to my dorm room. I was caught a little off guard since I realized that he escorted me to a 6 bed mixed dorm when I had payed for a 4 bed female dorm, he quickly apologized and escorted me to the right room where there was only one other female in the room.

Corridor going to the rooms

My dorm room door and lockers on the left for your things.

I quickly lay on the bed which had white starched sheets and I was relieved that they smelled clean and the pillow was fluffy but firm. The bunk beds had curtains which even made me happier. Although it was a little awkward when I heard my room mate say "May kasama na ako sa kwarto... babae..(I have someone with me...a girl)". Haha. 

Upper & Lower Bunk bed
I got the lower bunk. So cozy right?

There wasn't a window in the room which I also requested for during my booking, but I didn't want to raise it any further. On my left near the head board there as a socket and a place to charge my phone. There was also a table with chairs.

One thing I overlooked was to bring flip flops and only had a pair of fluffy slippers (crap), so I had to put my shoes back on to buy food. I bought a sandwich from Subway, water and snacks from Mini-Stop. I chose to have my dinner in the mini-kitchen (which I failed to take a photo of) and they let you use the kitchenware at no extra expense. 

After dinner, I got ready for bed and since the room was air-conditioned, I totally piled clothes on all the way down to socks. As I lay on the bed, there was music thumping just enough for me to hear through the building walls, but not to keep me awake. I had warm green tea in my spill-proof cup and some cookies, while munching I called the hubhub and little twin stars via Face Time for goodnight kisses. My room mate asked if she could turn the air-condition off, which I obliged too also given the fact that she was wearing skimpy shorts and a spaghetti strapped top and then I dozed off.

Waking up at 5AM, I had plenty of time to muni-muni and plan out my day, when I finally decided to get up, I went to the kitchen to wash my cup and I saw a man cooking breakfast, he greeted me cheerfully and asked if I wanted breakfast, I smiled and said yes. There was a group of male students in white uniforms also waiting. I was served breakfast on the dining table and in front of me was a pitcher of Orange Juice, coffee, tea, sugar, peanut butter and towelettes.  It was a modest breakfast but I appreciated that I felt like I was having breakfast at home and the hubhub cooked the omelette for me. There was a male foreigner and a Filipino in the lounge having a discussion of where they plan to go to next, it was hard not to over hear.


I washed the dish where my breakfast was served and took a shower, where I was delighted that there was hot water! The bathroom is shared, and there are 4 shower rooms and 2 toilets with bidets! Hurray for bidets!

I absolutely enjoyed my hot shower. Since there wasn't a mirror in the rooms, I did my make-up in the bathroom but it was fine, shame the hair-dryer was busted though since I was also looking forward to that. 
I was trying to get photos and getting ready at the same time haha.

Props to the owners who thought of the extra large full sized mirror, perfect for checking what I looked like before I left. I felt actually a little sad leaving since my stay was definitely comfortable and my expectations were met. 

Just checking!

Corridor going to the reception from the dorm room


Travel Books, magazines and maps.

Checking-out, all I needed to do was tell the receptionist my name. I kind of waited bit and helped myself to to the free candies then realizing that the receptionist was tinkering with her phone, I had to ask if I was all good-to-go, wish she would have told me. 

I left at 7AM, crossed the road got on a jeep to Ayala Avenue and started on my second journey which was to find Convergys One.

What I liked:
Bunk beds Set-up.
From the splendid white starched sheets to the privacy that the curtains provided, I would definitely go back.

In fairness, it was clean. No horror stories to share. 

Great location if you don't mind the loud music. I funnily find comfort in seeing Mercury Drug and a convenience store nearby if I'm staying away from home.

WIFI Connection.
They have two routers and one of them was placed right outside the dorm room's door. 

What could have been better:
Front desk Personnel.
They weren't entirely snubbish, but I felt a little off when I tried to ask for directions and the guy at the desk answered like he didn't want to talk to me. 

Hair Dryer.
Looks like it was busted, couldn't find a switch to turn it on and it's wires were exposed. 

I would surely go back especially if I needed to be in Makati early. I felt safe and the area was also safe. I got what I paid for and I really appreciated the bed that was really the high note of my stay.

Hilik Boutique Hostel is located at:
2nd Floor 7844 Mavenue Building, Guerrero, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines

You can call them at:
+63 2 519 5821

For more information, you can visit their website here.

Do you have any hostels that you have stayed at before lasses, would love to hear your experiences too.

*This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post.  
The views expressed I entirely my own opinion*



  1. evelyn.faltado@gmail.comJune 18, 2017 at 10:34 PM

    This is the first time I read your blog entirely, I am happy because this actually reflects your personality, the same thing I saw when I was still in convergys. Looking forward to read more!

    1. Hi Eve! Thanks for taking your time to read. :)

  2. This is a good review. I find it informative because of the detailed review. Thanks for sharing.