What's New| Take Command of your Bathrooms, Lasses!

Everyone wants a clean, organized bathroom and sometimes that organizer needs to be drilled into your bathroom wall just to stay up.

I actually find that as a hassle, holes are holes when drilled and it will damaged your bathroom wall permanently. So what can you do to organize? I have the problem with the bathroom toys too. So, I am so glad to find my fix.

Command Bathroom Line

Get damage free organizational tools for your home with a brand that has been known for 20 years: Command. Their new bathroom line will give you stylish, reliable and is tested to withstand wet, humid services yet remove clean without the permanent damage on your wall.

So how do you attach the Command Bathroom Product to your wall? Let me show you how easy it is, below:

1. So this is what's inside the box. Alcohol wipe, adhesive strips and the Corner Caddy.

What's inside?

2. Prep the area on your bathroom wall where you plan to stick the caddy with the alcohol wipe. Do not use cleansers or soaps to prep the wall since this may affect the adhesiveness.

Command Bathroom Line!

3. Remove the red backing of the adhesive tape.

Command Bathroom Line!

3. Place it on the mounting base. Press firmly.

Command Bathroom Line!

4. Stick the caddy to your wall and tadaaaaa... less mess in the bathroom! Now, if you plan to keep the caddy in a dry area then you need to let the adhesive stick for one hour below placing anything in it or if it's a humid and wet area, allow 24 hours for the adhesive to bond.
Before & After!
5. If ever you get lost with the instructions, you'll be happy to know it's at the back of the box. :) 

Command Bathroom Line!

So easy right lasses? 

From Bath hooks to hangers, shower caddy, soap dish, toothbrush holder, razor holder and many others, the Command Bathroom line can hold from 3 to 7.5LBS of weight. The best thing is that refill strips will let you move around the organizers easily.

Get these from Ace Hardware branches nationwide starting from 229.75Php. NO, Ace Hardware near you? Don't worry since the Command Bathroom Line will be available soon at True Value, Handyman and Wilcon! 

Organize your bathroom and take Command mommies!

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*Thank you to Command for letting me experience their wonderful Command Bathroom Line! This campaign is part of the Galactic Mission 7 Family Day Event*


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