World Vison's Bags of hope| Make A Helpful Choice with Lady's Choice

I have always found giving fulfilling to the soul. No matter in what form it may be when you give something it just makes a day brighter and it also give hope. 

Whenever I get the opportunity, I try to volunteer for causes but my schedule does not always permit it. So, what can we do to be able to share and change a life? 


One third of Filipino children are deprived of health care, safe water, clean toilet facilities, decent shelter, nutritious food and education. 

How about buying something for your self and helping a child get through school, now there's a great start for us busy people who can't volunteer time. World Vision Philippines, with Unilever Philippines and Robinson's Supermarket have come together to launch their Bags Of Hope campaign. 

Times are rough for 4 million Filipino children who are classified as out-of-school youth, this may be of insufficient family income, child labor, teen marriage, illness, disability, inaccessibility to schools and the high cost of education. 


It's basically simple, BUY, GET, DONATE. BUY a Lady's Choice Promo Pack of 2 470ml spreads (Bacon, Ham or Mayo), GET a cute collectible school bag and DONATE School Supplies to World Vision Kids. Imagine with the simple choice you would have made an impact and give the one child a chance in life.

Get this cutie collectible school bag

Buy a Bags Of Hope pack from your nearest Robinson's Supermarket today and spread the chance to transform a child's life through World Vision.


You can check for the nearest Robinson's Supermarket branches here.

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  1. Helping others Big or small is malaking tulong po talaga..